Sunday, March 24, 2013

Finished refinishing

Yep, we refinished our two remaining rooms upstairs over the last week and a half.  We are very tired and very done with refinishing floors, luckily we really are done - until we buy a new house.  We've been sleeping in our living room on a mattress and were delighted to move our stuff back into the room today!  Here's the before of the master bedroom:
We chose to have our floor guy (Anchondo's Flooring) sand for us, so we could have it done while we were at work, and not have to worry about the mess.  It was a great idea, and the professional equipment sanded these floors better than we ever could have with a rental.  The stain went on MUCH better after his sanding.  
And, the master after we worked our butts off staining and applying 3 coats of poly:
Delicious espresso goodness!  While the master floor was not in bad shape, the guest room floor had significant water damage....
We were so happy to see the stains were completely gone after the sanding!
We not only stained and poly'd the floors, but also repainted this room.  We had enough of the peanut butter color on the walls, so we went over it with Benjamin Moore Bleeker much better!
Many subsequent hours were spent repainting the trim, cleaning up, and then putting our lives back to normal.  But before we put everything back, we let baby enjoy some crawl and babble time in the echoing room.  
I will be sharing more about the process soon, but you can see our hallway and back bedrooms refinishing here, Ashford's nursery floor here, and the way we did our very first refinish job here

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

9 months

Ashford turned 9 months old a couple weeks ago.  Taking his picture in the buggy is becoming quite impossible.  He keeps standing up because sitting is so BORING...
I reach out to stop him from falling and sit him back down, try to take a pic fast, and end up with this:
A blurry jack in the box, you can't keep him down.  For long. 
This hat sort of represents how I feel on a daily basis.  He has cut his top two teeth and is into EVERYTHING!  At his 9 month appointment, he was 18 lbs 5 oz and 28 inches long.  He is wearing 9 month clothes and eating solids a little better than before.  
He loves to babble and laughs at the funniest things...he has also decided he loves baths and hysterically laughs and waves his arms and legs when he sees the bath tub come out.  As for the toothbrush, he likes to play with it and lets me brush his little teeth for .2 seconds before biting it. 
My favorite pic was an accident.  He was standing up and laughing, I gave up trying to put him back down and snapped away while holding his hand.  I love it when that happens!
We are also working on a rather large project....more to come!