Thursday, October 20, 2016

The play room/bonus room

I know, it's been awhile.  While I try to put together a post on what's up in our lives, here's a slightly easier one to get out to the world...Ashford's play room!  One of the big selling features for us when considering this house was the extra bedroom in the lower level.  It was ugly as hell and smelly, but it had two nice windows, a large closet, and was a good size (15x13).  We just knew we'd have to incorporate some kind of clothes storage since I am a hoarder and lost a walk in closet that I've had for the last 8 years.  Here's the awful before!
 Oh my.  That carpet stunk so bad!
All of this was ripped out pretty soon after we closed.  We think the previous owners possibly smoked down here, there was a very smoky odor and staining.  All of the drywall under the paneling was destroyed, so it was replaced, along with the boards on top of the ledges.
We love that this room has good light, it allowed us to use a more 'fun' color on the walls.  Here it is now, with new carpet to match the family room, fresh white on the ceiling and half the walls, and Behr 'Voyage' on the rest of the walls.  This is the same color we've used in Ashford's closet in this house, and in Minnesota.  Bonus for not needing to buy another gallon!
One problem in here was no overhead lighting.  Because we didn't have to remove the ceiling in here, we opted to live without overhead lights until a later date.  To avoid having lamps in here, I chose to use Ikea pendant lights with paper shades to brighten it up.
The one in the back has a switch on the cord.  The one in front of the wardrobes is plugged into an outlet that is wired to the room switch.  I purchased two Brimnes wardrobes from Ikea, they were cheap at $150 each, they hold a lot, and look pretty nice in here.  Of course, I have the tops all full of stuff, but I'm hoping to go through that stuff sometime...maybe.
Here's the other end of the room.
I really need to paint out those closet doors, trim, and other doors down here.  They put the glossiest finish I've ever seen on them!  Luckily, they are solid wood.  Here's a close up of the adorable switch plate cover my brother bought for Ashford.  
It matches so well!  Some other features of this room are the Ikea Trofast storage system.  It has not been used as a stepladder....yet.  It holds a ton of little stuff like cars, trains, puzzles.  We love it, just wish they had a better selection of colors for the drawers.  For now, we are rocking the lime stripe.  
The Ikea Dignitet wire system to display Ashford's artwork:
And this little area on the other side of the wardrobes is a cute place for a reading nook.  I just have this ottoman I already had in there as a placeholder, but I'd love a bench with cushion that takes up the entire space.  I do have two book ledges to install above, so that will be nice.  Someday.  
I bought two yards of this Robert Allen 'Zoo Pals' fabric to make little window treatments for this room, but I certainly don't have time to even finish the edges with hemming tape, so for now...the windows are naked.  I liked how this fabric goes well with the blue, and also brings in the lime from the storage.
The area by the door currently looks like this:
There is a couple feet here, not sure what we can do with it, but that chalkboard might go up on the wall.  Someday.  One of the best things I did in here, was put our old coat rack under the window to hold all of the capes and costumes we've accumulated.  Ash loves this little corner!
Obviously, we still need to install baseboards.  Say it with me, "Someday!"


  1. Wow! you did an awesome job!!! The colors are so bright and cheery with all that natural light!! I'm curious how you plan to paint the brown closet doors since they are so glossy? Can you paint right over glossy and it won't peel off? Or do you need some sort of mega-strong primer?

  2. Hi Sara! Thank you for the compliment, we love how fun the room turned out. For the doors, I plan to lightly sand, then use my favorite primer...BIN. It's shellac based, and makes the glossiest surfaces ready for paint! It's a lifesaver.

  3. This looks great. Love the switch plate cover and the awesome art display. Nice to have the extra closet room too. Hope all is well.

  4. It's SO different now, good job! In that reading nook, you could build a platform/sturdy shelf at the height of the ledge (so you don't lose the natural window light - higher if you don't mind about that), a little "fence" across the front, and a little ladder up. Ashford might appreciate that as his little brother gets ever more in his space - having a little refuge. I adored reading lofts as a kid, and always wanted my own!

  5. I'm pretty jealous of this space. We are still figuring out Henry's toys (and I see many of the same toys - our boys are so similar). And I love that this is a separate space for play. Does he play down here by himself? That's my current issue - he doesn't like to be by himself usually.

  6. PS - love the wall colors. Such a transformation.

  7. It looks great so far! I love the color and the transformation is seriously amazing, but I expect no less from you. :)


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