Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Why I'm so slow

I had an accident in March.  And now, I look like this. 
Well, that is not what I look like on a daily basis, but you get what I mean.  I am 34 weeks pregnant now, and I'm almost totally unable to do anything useful around the house, so progress has been totally dependent on Shaun after work and on weekends.  Not fun for a DIY lady like me, it frankly drives me crazy that I'm so tired, so nauseated, and have such bad pelvic pain every day.  Shaun took my maternity photos, didn't he do a great job? 
When you feel like crap, it's nice to at least look good!  So, as you can imagine, we needed to make a room for our newest addition - another boy, Lord help us.  As usual, my motto is reuse and buy as little as the yellow rug, crib, glider, bookshelves, nightstand, linens and dresser are all things we already owned.  As well as all the baby gear that will soon clutter up this room!
The wood wall looks magnificent in here, but we still have to frame out the edges with pine lattice to cover the gaps.  I tested some Gunstock stain on a strip on the right, it seems to work ok.  I am brainstorming what else to put on this wall, shelves?  White animal head?  Huge picture?
Not all the yellows in this room match, but I'm ok with it.  I have loved yellow and gray since my dressing room, so it only seemed right to use that combo in here.  I will add pops of green as an accent on the crib skirt, changing pad, toy basket and accessories. 
I'm not sure if both the bookshelves will stay in here, or if there is just too much furniture in the room.  The wall color in here is the same as Ashford's room, SW Anew Gray.  The light fixture is this one from Wayfair.  I love the industrial look!
It goes well with the pipe-inspired curtain rod I found at Target.  It looks very shiny online, but in person it is a nice matte pewter. 
The curtains were a splurge.  I wanted blackout panels and didn't want to bother with making any since I just wanted a neutral solid.  These are the Evelyn linen blackout panels from Pottery Barn Kids in gray.  They were expensive, but I was able to catch them on sale and they also let me use a 15% coupon I got in the mail.  Not too bad! 
Here is a better photo of the pine lattice we're using around the wall.  As you can see, it's a bit more red than the wall, so I may try to tweak it before staining the rest of the pieces. 
The fabric I chose for the crib skirt is this adorable Urban Zoologie Crocs fabric.  It has all the shades of yellow and green I was looking for!  The dresser that used to be in my (dearly missed) walk in closet fits in this closet, so we can't possibly have any lack of drawer space for baby goodies.   
 The closet goes a bit farther to the right with built in wire racks for diapers, extra blankets and bulky stuff. 
And that is a little tour of the baby's room thus far.  In other news, I waddled to meet up with fellow fabulous blogger Kim Woodward at a pumpkin farm a couple weeks ago!  Here are a few pics of our boys having a great time:
Backstory on this one...we let them go up the big slide by themselves, and instead of waiting in line, they just ran up and slid down ahead of everyone.  It was hilarious! 
These two were so adorable together.  Kim, I can't wait to meet up again!