Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Our master bedroom

Prepare to be underwhelmed, here is our master bedroom.  Please don't mind the cluttered dresser and random stuff on the ground, it's a miracle I got the room this clean!
This is a very modest room, it measures 13x15 and has nowhere near the square footage or storage of the previous masters we've had.  When it's clean, it's not too bad in here.  Alas, it's never clean.  These photos required 15 minutes of carrying crap to Ashford's room to clear it out. 
We still have a pile of framed art in the corner that we're not sure what to do with.  I don't love the Cycles Gladiator print anymore, but I'm not sure if it's the frame or the print.  I do love the curtains, but the (Behr) Aqua Smoke wall color, curtains and rug together make for very limiting bedding options to avoid being too busy.  I really need to find a nice neutral/solid comforter set.
A new addition is the headboard from Wayfair.  I wanted something lighter than the dark brown one we've had, but I wouldn't recommend this one.  Especially at the current selling price of $500, I paid $300 in December!  It's very thin, was advertised as 'cream' when it's clearly a natural/tan color, and it's not super secure because the holes don't line up with the holes on either of our bed frames.  It may be moving to the guest room so I can get a nicer one for us. 
I'm so tired of our furniture.  I've had this set since I was 22 years old, and I'm dying for something new and less matchy.  But it's in good condition, it's pretty classic in style, and I wouldn't get much if I sold it, so I have to live with it for now.  Did you see the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster still up on the wall?  YOU GUYS.  Shaun loves it, and won't hear of not putting it up.  Embarrassment.  I'm sorry.  I should at least get a new frame that isn't dingy like that old Ikea one. 
My very small closet does not have any hope of holding my clothes.  The doors are also on pretty wonky since we got our floors done and had to remove them all.  Luckily, the doors themselves are fine looking and I was able to dress them up a little with some beautiful knobs from Anthropologie
I also added a couple nice hooks from Home Depot in between them to help keep stuff off the floor.  I loved that they went well with the dark curtain rods and light fixture. 
The light fixture is from Shades of Light, and it was worth the money in my opinion.  It gives a ton of light, doesn't hang down too far for my bed-jumping kid, and the crystal on the bottom ties in my lamps and hooks. 
So, that is the end.  Not a bad before and after, eh?
As far as budget, we had some whole-house work that happened in this room, including the floors, trim, and swapping out fans for lights on switches throughout the house.  The rest of the items that I can remember:
Curtains (fabric and seamstress): 150
Curtain rods: 35 steal at TJ Maxx
Curtain rings: 20
Light: 278
Hooks: 16
Closet knobs: 40
Headboard: 300
Paint: 60
Total: $899
Not cheap, but considering the headboard and light are 2/3 of the amount, I think I did pretty good.  And here is a regular sight in our room....why he wants to sleep on our floor is beyond me!