Monday, January 9, 2017

Guest room is done

This tiny room.  Good gracious, it has been such a pain in the ass.  When we moved in, it looked like this. 
Super shiny paneling, dark trim, granny valance, metal blinds, old timey fan with light...that wasn't hooked up to the wall switch.  Lots of goodies in here.  The paneling and valance lasted about 3 minutes after we got the keys. 
And then after the paneling and all the trim were totally removed, the floors were refinished. 
It took us a long time to get to this room after this.  This lower pic was taken on 10.3.15, and for the next year it looked just like this...with the bed just piled full of crap and no progress whatsoever.  This is what a house with no storage space looks like!  (When the DIYer in the house is a borderline hoarder, hugely pregnant, and gives birth to a stage 5 clinger.)
Then, we finally had some help with the kids in September of this year, and Shaun pretty much single-handedly put up the plywood for the feature wall we decided to do over the ruined drywall.  I wanted to do a wainscoting wall rather than just re-drywall.  We used 1/8 inch luan plywood, 1x3 pine boards for the outside frame and the inner cross pieces, and the standard 1x4 MDF boards for the base trim.  
Unfortunately, we cut the plywood wrong and ended up with a seam where it wouldn't be covered by a vertical board.  I decided to just let it go and do my best with spackle and paint.  I can't say I'm thrilled with the decision, but it would've been way too much trouble to rip this all out and redo it. 
I was trying to figure out the easiest way to get the horizontal pieces evenly spaced, and cutting strips of cardboard to visualize seemed like the easiest way. 
We were able to measure, move the cardboard, and make sure that it looked good to the eye, in addition to being spaced evenly with the tape measure. 
Shaun ended up cutting each horizontal piece individually, because they were all slightly different in length due to the walls not being perfectly level.  It went pretty fast once we got down a rhythm, though!
 Before we knew it, the whole wall was trimmed and ready for spackle.
This part was time-consuming, but I use simple Drydex spackle, rather than wood filler or caulk.  It dries and sands faster, and is much easier to work with. 
I know many people add additional trim inside the boxes to make it look more substantial, but for now, the simple look wins.  And then after many hours of sanding....primer!
I'd like to share my thought process for designing a room.  Since we've moved so many times, and have always seemed to downsize, I have a lot of stuff - and first look at the large items I have that must be used in the room.  In this case, I had our teal 6x9 Crate and Barrel rug that was the only one to fit in this room.  The room is a little short of 10x10, so the 8x10 rugs we had wouldn't fit by the smallest margin.  It was frustrating, because I had beautiful fabric I wanted to make curtains out of for this room, but it went with the yellow tile print rug that ended up in Zach's room. 
So, this rug had to be used in here.  I also had bedding that wouldn't work in our bedroom, that I wanted to use in the guest room.  Mainly, the coral duvet set I bought to stage our master for sale in Minnesota.  Also, the art work pictured below would be added to the guest room.  (We gave away the 8x10 rug pictured here to a friend)
I also wanted to be able to use the orange tile print duvet we've used in our master in Wisconsin.
With the rug, bedding, and art on deck, I knew I had to tie it together with the curtains.  I'm a huge fan of using curtains to marry other elements of the room that may not otherwise work out.  I happened to be at World Market when I saw these beauties. 
This curtain had all the colors I needed, as well as being slightly retro in style and impossibly girly.  Perfect!  I grabbed the last two available at the time (they are back in stock now!) and then went about finding the perfect paint color.  Rather than sticking to grays like I usually do, I wanted to do something different.  I had some leftover samples of coral-ish colors, but none of them were quite right, they were all too pink.  Then I came upon SW Posy in my fandeck, and it was so nice!  It looked pink going over the peanut butter color, but more peachy/yellow undertones when dry. 
I was so happy to cover up that tan color.
I was also thrilled to find these cool pendant lights at Target, which became my inspiration for the rest of the finishes in the room. 

The black cords inspired me to incorporate black into the curtain rod.  I fell in love with the acrylic rod at Ballard Designs, with black hardware.  I thought about brass hardware, but black seemed to fit in best with the black rods and lights throughout our home. 
Then, I scouted around for a ceiling light to utilize the new wiring our electrician put in.  I settled on the Young House Love drum pendant from Shades of Light in gold.  But, it came with a brushed silver canopy that had to be changed.  A quick spray with black and I liked it much more.
Then, I needed a headboard.  Again, Target was my savoir and had this gorgeous headboard on sale for $220!  If you are looking for one, this is an amazing deal for the price and quality!  Definitely check the sales, because it can go all over the place in price.  I think it's well worth it at the list price of $300, though. 
Now, in the meantime of all this shopping goodness, I was painting two coats of white on the feature wall, and on all the new trim in the room.  It took forever.  In fact, I found an old iced coffee I'd left in there in September when I went to continue work on the space in December.  Mmmmm, think it's still good?  Did you know black iced coffee could mold?  Yikes.
So...the day before my baby's 1st birthday party, I decided rather than cleaning my house, to work on this damn room.  I swore to myself that it would be done before the party.  And, it was!
You may notice the headboard in here is from our bedroom, rather than the new one.  I decided the cream headboard looked weird against the very white wall, so I swapped them.  I think the cream headboard looks so much better in our bedroom!  And, it's much nicer overall, and we deserve the best, right?
But back to the room at hand...I'm so in love with the way this all turned out!   
The pendant lights look incredible, and give such welcoming light.  I don't mind the black cords hanging down at all. 
This room gets beautiful afternoon sun, and I look forward to hanging out in here with the kids, reading books and playing. 
The curtain rod was kind of hard to install, since it's all one piece and not adjustable....but it looks so good up!  And since there are no adjustable areas, the rings glide so smoothly. 
The vintage nightstand I already had works perfectly in here.
I wanted another nightstand for the other side, and couldn't find a vintage one I liked enough in the past year of looking.   I went ahead and bought this simple walnut one from World Market.  It's nothing special as far as looks, but it's solid wood, was on sale for $150, and the dimensions match the other one. 
I got these coasters years ago as a gift, and I still love them! 
These hex knobs are from CB2.  Much better than the plastic round ones they replaced. 
 The art looks so good in this room! 
And the smaller prints were a later addition from our master.  They fit much better in here.  That shelf is an old piece I was given by a friend back in Wisconsin.  It's served us well for years!
When I walk past the open door, it makes me so happy.   Wrinkled duvet and all. 
 And at night, the ceiling light adds that beautiful pattern on the walls.  Love it!
 We've already had a lot of nice moments in here.   (This is my brother, uncle Brian)
 This stinker is always taking that piece off the nightstand and throwing it on the floor somewhere.
I'm so happy this room is done, and I'm also pleased to have done something so different from everything else I've designed.  Here's a final before and after.  Let me know what you think!


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Zach is one, and his room is done

So, this has been the most difficult year of my life, and our newest addition is the reason why.  This kid doesn't nap, cries and whines most of the day, fights like a boxer for each outfit or diaper change, and just generally is the most difficult baby I've ever met.  Here he is doing his best impression of mama.
But, we made it to one year old, and he's starting to walk now and trying to say some words.  He has 6 teeth, but has been eating absolutely everything including raw veggies and apples since before the teeth.  Once in awhile he sleeps for 10 hours at night, but mostly he wakes up every 5.  When he's happy, he's awesome!
It took me awhile to finish his room because I never get any time to myself, but I'll admit it's been done for months.  I took some photos of the room while it was clean for his birthday party, so here is the final post for you all!  I'm very happy with the space, it is exactly what I wanted.
The wood wall turned out amazing, we literally did nothing but frame out the edges with lattice that I stained and sealed.  Whoever put it up probably had no idea how on-trend this look would be in 30 years!  I cut it extra fancy on top to follow the same lines as the chevron.
The sign above the crib was chosen for it's funnies, since Zach has napped in this crib maybe three times and absolutely does not like naps.  I think he does like me, though.  So, it's half legit.  I liked that the sign has no glass, and is very lightweight for when he decides to pull it on himself.  That will definitely happen.  
This room gets a lot of light, which is great since he doesn't sleep in here during the day, anyway.  Across the hall you can see a glimpse of our FINISHED guest room, too!  Post on that in the works.
I originally bought the gazelle head for the wood wall, and it was hanging there until I got myself so worried about it falling on his head, I moved it to the other side of the room.  It looked better above the crib, but it's much safer where it's at, because it is super heavy.  I got that beauty at  They have so many animals to choose from, and the detail in the faces is stunning!
The little Ikea bookcases that used to hold my rainbow wardrobe in my old dressing room now hold toys.  Sad.
You can see in these photos the blackout paper blinds I have on the windows.  I know I'm fooling myself by thinking a darker room will make him nap in here, they haven't worked for 12 months, but still they stay up JUST IN CASE.
My mom took the Urban Zoology Crocodile fabric I bought, and turned it into the most beautiful crib skirt!  She even lined it with matching green fabric, because it was a little thin.  She is just so good at sewing crafts like this.
The skirt looked even better before we had to lower the crib, but of course, this happened in September:
We joke that he looks like a crib spokesperson in this one.  The wall with the changing area is my favorite.  I got a lot of little doodads to make it more homey and cute for him.
This is the dresser I used to have in our den on Russet Street.  I'm still using Howard products on it, and I still love it so much!  It's a perfect changing area and dresser for a baby.  Tucked off to the right is a rolling cart from World Market, it fits in that space perfectly, and stores extra diapers, unmatched socks (a huge BOO to baby socks!!) and other miscellaneous stuff.  The changing pad cover was made by Etsy seller avaelliot.
The marquee letter hooks are from Anthropologie.  Love that they are mixed metal, and have that industrial look I wanted.
The print of Zach is one of my favorite photos ever.  My brother and future sister in law are huge Disney fans, and buy him all these adorable outfits.  I dressed him up as Dumbo at two months old, and I couldn't imagine anything cuter!
Here is the actual photo, so you can fully appreciate.  I'm so glad I got photos like this when he was little, because there is no way I will ever get him to lay still again.
The shelf is a simple cedar board we had laying around, and the galvanized pipe brackets are from great Etsy seller PipeDreamsDecor.   The galvanized wall hanging basket is from World Market.
On the bookcase wall, the art is very special to me.  The bicycle print used to hang in Ashford's room, and the little animal-riding-things prints on the right are from a talented Etsy seller, AmelieLegault.  There are two more of her prints in the tall white collage frame above the dresser.  They are so whimsical and cute!
Here is a closer look at the alligator riding a trike, along with a tiny but cute giraffe hook from Anthro.  But the star is the beautiful custom birth announcement print made by my favorite blogger, Meryl from Picardy Project!   She surprised me with this, and one for Ashford, shortly after Zach was born.
Look at this hand-cut detail!  It's just beautiful with the colored glittery backgrounds.  Obsessed!
And here is Ashford's, which she also did in his room colors.  LOVE!
I know Meryl was planning an Etsy shop, I sure hope it happens.  These prints are beautiful!  And, here's the messy closet.  The Malm dresser fits well in here, and luckily, because Zach has inherited a huge wardrobe.  
So, that is the finished room.  I'm so happy it's done!  Here is a before, during and after.  I hope you liked seeing all the details!
Now, I can go back to our regularly-scheduled mess.  Clothes are no fun in the drawers, right?  Happy birthday, Zach!  Let's give mom a break in 2017!