Sunday, October 4, 2015

All crapped up but making progress

So, just like last time the movers delivered our stuff and left us with boxes to the ceiling in every room.  I didn't really take any photos of it initially because I was so traumatized.  But, here is the mess today after two weeks of working on it. 
Guest room status:  poor.  No guests allowed, the entire room is full of linens and my clothes. 
Extra bedroom status: tragic.  Don't worry Kelly, we didn't rip out the amazing chevron wall, it was an optical illusion!!  This room was the obvious winner for bring the 'dump all' for random boxes.  Oh, and all the huge baby apparatus that used to live out of sight in our crawl space. 
 Ashford's room status: good!  When you're a parent, they always come first, amiright?
Master bedroom status:  fair to poor.  We have these tiny sad closets that simply cannot contain my shopping spoils from the last ten years.  We also are looking for a new headboard and haven't hung the new light fixture yet.  Points that we actually got the curtains hung, though. 
The main living area is still covered in cardboard and plastic because our downstairs is being completely re-drywalled and it will soon be fabulous!  For now, status: unsafe for small children.
Dining room status: Fair to poor.  Our table works, the coffee maker is set up, and once we get our new chandelier up, pick up a bit, buy a new rug, hang the curtain rod, buy new curtains, and hang things on the walls, it will look awesome.  Yeah.  That is going to all happen very soon. 
Kitchen status:  tragic.  There are so many things wrong with this kitchen.  There is so little storage that we had to bring cabinets up from the basement to put things in temporarily, the dishwasher door scrapes against the door trim when you open and close it, and the tile is broken at the threshold to the dining room.  Also, the previous owners have a dimmer on the can lights that doesn't actually dim anything because they just put regular CFL bulbs in the cans.  Can I just mention my amazing hibiscus tree?  That is what it looks like after living with my plant-whisperer mom for a month. 
Have I shown you the lower level?  I don't think it is when we moved in:
It stunk like smoke in here, had zero lighting, and of course was covered in cheap paneling and acoustical tile ceiling.  Within a week it looked like this:
And here is the bedroom you see to the left:
 Dark, paneling, smoky smell, horrible carpet that had moldy carpet padding. 
Downstairs half bath: the toilet runs, the vanity top is meant to be on legs NOT on a vanity, and the lighting and medicine cabinet are awful. 
Laundry room: dismal washer and dryer, paneling, dirty drop ceiling, plywood cabinets with completely bowed shelves. 
Weird bar nook: I am dumb for not taking a better photo of this from farther back.  It had upper cabinets that literally couldn't open because the doors hit the frame of the closet they stuck this in.  Laminate wood counter, questionable wiring for the lighting, mirrors everywhere.  Yikes.  This is all gone now!
So much progress has been made on the lower level.  Here it is after a couple visits from a great electrician, and the fabulous drywall guy that did our kitchen on Russet Street!
We are keeping the wood parquet, it is in very good condition.  The old linoleum will be covered by carpet eventually.  The walls with plywood will be painted white, and we will add board and batten treatment to make more sense of the bumped out ledge around the perimeter.
The area straight ahead is the weird bar nook that we ripped out.  It is now a clean empty space for us to do whatever we want with.  While it would be nice to have a closet for storage, we are thinking of a more interesting application...probably a built in kegerator with lower cabinet if we can fit it, then floating shelves on top for glassware. 
This is a better look at the plywood and ledge situation.  Our drywall guy installed all the luan and even routered the edge of the pine 1x4s to look more finished.  The tv will be mounted in between the windows so we don't get any glare on the screen. 
On the wall straight ahead, we are probably going to do built in cabinetry similar to what we did on Russet Street.  We have 195 inches, which would fit 6 30-inch wall cabinets plus a 15 inch wall cabinet perfectly, but I'm not sure if that is the final plan.  We desperately need the storage, though!
I love how this basement doesn't feel like a basement.  I think the 'hallway' helps it feel like another house instead.  The laundry is on the left, the middle door is the bathroom, and the bedroom is the door on the right.  Speaking of the bedroom.....
The carpet was ripped out and the walls were all redone in here, too.  We haven't added any overhead lighting due to the ductwork, but it might happen later on since we didn't pull out the ceiling in here.  For now, I will just get a plug in fixture that operates on the switch.  I plan to paint all the walls in here and on the long wall to the right, put two big wardrobes from Ikea for my clothing overflow.  We will most likely carpet in here as well. 

So, that is where we're at!  Today we are priming the drywall downstairs and hopefully getting everything painted so we can move our extra boxes and junk from the upstairs our trim guys can get in and replace all the trim with new 1x4 mdf upstairs.  Whew! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The state of things

We've been working like crazy to get the house as complete as possible before our crap is delivered tomorrow.  We have painted almost every room, closet and ceiling on the main level, some of the windows, ripped out every shred of carpet, every piece of paneling, every window treatment, and I'm sure a bunch of other things I can't remember right now.  We also had our favorite floor guy (Anchondo's Flooring) come from Racine to refinish all of the hardwoods on the main floor.  It was a huge job including the stairs, and we are so grateful they are done and look beautiful!  First things first, the paint.  We chose to use mostly the same paint colors as the Minnesota house because they worked well with our furnishings and the ranch style of the house.  Check out the lovely peach instantly modernized by Sherwin Williams Popular Gray:
The biggest transformation is the hallway.  It looks twice as big now.  Before:
After removing the carpet and painting:

We also had an electrician replace all the funky black and painted-over outlets and switches in the house to shiny white.  After spending hours of my life changing almond outlets at the last house, I decided my time was better spent elsewhere.  This is what almost all the outlets were like:
Painted over the entire surface with so many different colors, we had to break the actual outlet to remove them since they were fused with the covers.  Seriously.  I also had to paint miles of silly looking quarter round that they put around all the vinyl windows and painted the wall color.  It seemed easier than taking it all off and dealing with whatever was underneath. 
Ashford's room is painted the same color as his old room - SW Anew Gray.  We want it to look exactly the same in here, because he's had so much change I just want him to be as comfortable as possible.  This color once again freaked me out by looking super TAN while wet, then drying to the warm gray I expected. 
Our room is sporting my ultimate favorite color, Behr Aqua Smoke from our Russet Street bedroom.  I love this color!  I could have it in my room forever.  I know it seems boring to use the same color, but Shaun and I both love it, so the decision was simple. 
The other two rooms are not really thought out yet.  The room with the wood wall got a coat of Anew Gray for now, and the guest room is not even painted yet while we figure out the treatment for the ruined wall.   Here is how things are looking now that the floors are done and the hideous ceiling fans are gone:
 I have no idea why this photo is so blurry, but I promise it looks great!
I love the way the wood wall looks with the floors.  There will be white baseboard in here, and throughout the house. 
I'm thinking board and batten on the ruined wall to add some interest and avoid having to skim coat the entire thing or re-drywall. 
The floors and paint in the living and dining area are perfect.
I'm going to replace the railing, but even with the orange oak it still looks much better in here. 
We even painted the entire garage white including the concrete walls, which was not easy....but we are glad we did it.   We used masonry waterproofing paint just in case, and it just looks so clean in here now.  We left the floor for now, since there would be no time for floor paint to cure prior to our household delivery.  Maybe one day!
Wish us luck with the delivery!  I can't wait to try to find places for everything....

Friday, September 4, 2015

It's finally ours

We closed on our Minnesota home August 26th, and closed on our Illinois home yesterday!  We were so pumped to get in and start working that we did exactly that after we were finally released from the longest, most drawn-out closing ever.  Thanks, idiot lender.  Anyway, here is the main level of the home all cleared out so you can see the SPACE and DATEDNESS. 
I am not even going to comment on the main bathroom because it seriously needs about 11 posts of it's own.
It took us about 30 seconds to start tearing things apart.  The granny window treatments were the first to go. 
The big window in the living room had immobile sheers, I just can't imagine never opening them!  All the draperies and ugly plastic blinds from the bedrooms ended up in a pile in the living room.
We removed the carpet from each and every room, the room that will be Ashford's had the craziest carpet padding that stained everything orange.  I'm pretty sure the carpet in this room was from the 70s or earlier, it was filthy and bubbling everywhere. 
We left the pads down so we could paint the ceilings and walls without getting anything on the wood floors. 
We were also relieved to see the stair treads were solid oak and not soft pine like the last house.  I'm still wrestling with railing ideas, unfortunately it will not be changed right now, so it will be honey oak even after we refinish the steps and main level floors  
I have no idea how we will get the awful paneling adhesive off the wall of the guest room.  I've dealt with this once (poorly) before with some scraping and sanding, but the swirls were always sort of I'm looking for a solution that doesn't involve re-drywalling.
The living room awaiting ceiling and wall paint...I can't wait to cover the odd fleshy salmon color.  We are also replacing all the trim in the house with simple white. 
I will update as we make progress!