Saturday, February 23, 2013

8 month update

Here I am.  I kept starting this post and then deleting it because it would end up depressing or apologetic or somehow 'woe is me,' so I have put it off.  I will just say that I've basically been a single parent for the month of February and it does not agree with me.  Actually, I don't know that being a parent at all agrees with me....but Shaun is home and isn't traveling next week, so I can relax a little knowing I will have his help.  Ashford is 8.5 months old and he is what I guess you would call, "needy."  Or, "whiny, crabby and exhausting."  It's a very good thing he is adorable.         
He is taking steps with his rolling walker.  Crawling so fast I almost can't catch him.  Getting very good at holding his own bottle and feeding himself puffs.  He also lets us hear that cute laugh more often.     
He was not really interested in sitting down for his 8 month photo shoot, which is sort of the story of my life.  I see his butt a lot more than I see his face these days.  He has also started crying during diaper and clothing changes, I pray it's just a phase. 
He continues to put everything in his mouth, including cabinet handles, the dishwasher door, fur throws (complete with cat hair), you name it. 
He still doesn't like eating solids, and lately isn't nursing or taking bottles too well, either.  All he wants to do is play, which might be ok, except his version of fun has nothing to do with his toys and everything to do with stuff I don't want him to touch.  He does love his take along tunes and a few other noisy toys, thankfully.   
We managed to take him out for some winter photos in January, my mom got him the most adorable and impractical baby peacoat.  Who can resist a dapper baby?
And then we had a little snowfall and got him into a snowsuit for some pictures.  We took about a half hour prepping the baby and ourselves to go out, and then came back inside after 5 minutes and left puddles everywhere.  Sounds about right.  
He had no problem crawling through the snow, but I did receive a 'look' that told me he might not appreciate the extra effort.  
We are amazed that he still has his bright blue eyes.  It appears they are going to stay, but I'm not paying out any bets until he's 2.  
I'm hanging in there, and trying to keep up with other blogs as much as I can.  Now that Downton Abbey is over (and broke my blubbering sleep-deprived heart) I have a little extra time.