Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guest post!

Hey peeps, Liz at It's Great to be Home has my guest post up today!  Yes, I realize it's very late at night, at least in Central time, but I'm a little busy 'getting married in a week' yes, I'm a bit late!  Please go check out the post here, all about how much I love hooks because I'm lazy. 
Also, I wanted to show you our outfits for Wacky Wednesday this week...the challenge was complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel)...
...I chose orange and blue, my favorite combo!
Jean slid her tiny ninja body into some delicious purple and yellow attire.  We were colorful and 'business sexy,' don't you think?   
We didn't plan the nude pumps, I swear.  I also find it funny that our shoulders have no hope of meeting up in this pic!     

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wacky Wednesdays

Today was Wacky Wednesday.  I haven't talked about this yet, but me and my bestie started this...I guess you would call it...MOVEMENT at work.  We dream up an unusual theme for each week, and then dress that way on Wednesday.  Here was the first one, pink tights day:
We work in a rather boring office, so you can imagine the reaction we got!  Everyone LOVED the outfits, though.  And yes, my tights were more purple than pink.  Sue me!  Next week was 'mix patterns' day:
I have to admit, I was in love with our outfits that day.  Mine is hard to see, but it's a graphic patterned top tucked into my favorite Banana Republic skirt.  (I haven't been able to fit into that thing for over three years!  Can I get a whoop whoop?!)  Today was 'homage to the 70s' in honor of Earth Day this Friday, which was started in 1970: 
You have to see us 'fashionable ladies' lounging in our office conference room....I think it's hilarious that I totally match the chairs. 
The idea is to wear things that people wouldn't think to wear, or would be afraid that they 'couldn't pull off'...we're proving that you CAN wear mixed prints, loud tights, a necklace charm shaped like a sneaker, and polyester shirts with attached neck bows.  Just not all together, and always with a good dose of neutral, black, or similar colors.  Check out our Facebook page if you get a chance, we are hoping to get on Good Morning America (or at least our local news) and start the 'Wacky Wednesday' movement all across the country! 

ps - Wacky cofounder Jean (my adorably petite friend that makes me look like a giant in these pictures) has declared that for the week of my wedding, the theme will be: 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Blue Eyeliner.'  The club office can't even handle us right now!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fixing up my sweet bike

Here's another random post coming at ya.  I noticed that my Trek was looking a little rusty when we hauled out the bikes this past Sunday.  It was an 80-degree day that gave way to freezing rain and general crappiness for the rest of this week, a classic Wisconsin move.  Anyway, I digress....the rust was on the metal parts, obviously:
I read somewhere that regular foil crumpled up (shiny side out) and dipped in water would remove the rust.  A tip was also given to rub the chrome with straight motions, not circular.
I decided to give it a shot. Please don't look at my grown-out highlights!!
When you start rubbing the metal with the foil, you will see this black 'bubbly' thing happen.  I think that means it's working.  Or, it's the foil breaking down.  Whatever. 
Here is that top piece after a good scrub, a rinse, and a wipe with an old t- shirt.  
Amazeballs!  It actually worked and it was FREE!
My bike looks brand new!  Too bad I forgot to take a full picture of it.  I had places to go, ya know? 

ps - with summer quickly approaching, I feel it necessary to warn all concerned parties that Mike's 'Harder' Lemonade has 400 ridiculous calories in ONE CAN.  I almost convulsed when I read that, mid-can.  You have been warned!  Drop the Mike's, pick up a Lite, and have some chips with it instead!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wonky window wells

They were wonky, but they are a lot better now.  Observe the nasty before:
There is a mate to this one, on the other side of our kitchen bump-out (which I realize badly needs a scrape, sand, prime and paint itself) that was also fugly.  I had to use a wire brush on the really bad rust spots.
It does a great job of getting all the tough rust off the metal.  My rule of thumb, keep brushing until there isn't anything flying off into your eyeballs.  And of course, never wear goggles.  Now everything is much smoother! 
Next up, my most favorite product for priming any item around our house...'rusty metal' primer that is ironically, the color of rust.
It goes on so quickly and dries in no time.  I love it so much! 
Yes, some lilies (and mulch) were painted in the process.  It's their fault for growing too close and inside the stupid frame. 
And the finale, Glidden Sweet Tea.  This is the exterior flat latex paint I have used all over the outside of the house.  I love this color with our brick.
Not bad, if I do say so myself.  Although, it only makes the peeling white paint look even worse. 
The wells are looking pretty, but in just a short while they will be completely covered with the daylilies. 
I can't say I'll complain about all my hard work being covered by those beauties! 
Now I just have to take care of that rotted siding.  Bah. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Xyron is the bomb

I just had to share what I've been up to with DIY wedding stuff.  I still have SO MUCH to do and just a month (from today!) to get it all done.  Tonight, I decided to pretty-up some 50 cent votive holders I scored at Hob Lob with the same ribbon that I used on our invites.  I wasn't sure about the best way to attach ribbon to glass, so I turned to the web and was immediately intrigued by this strange contraption:
It is a 'sticker-maker' and will put an even, adhesive backing on anything 1.5 inches wide or less, and thinner than a nickel.  I was able to take two (pre-cut) strips of ribbon, put them through the upper right side of the 'x' together, and pull them out the other end. 
It comes out on this strip with clear plastic on top, you are supposed to give it all a good rub to make sure the adhesive is attached fully and evenly.  Then, simply peel off the clear plastic...
and lift up your ribbon to see the tacky underside. 
This is so sweet I can't even stand it!  It was a breeze to stick it onto my votive holder.  The hardest part is making sure the ribbon is straight, but it is initially repositionable. 
Walah!  Even the seam looks good, no ends will lift up with the full-adhesive back.   
It took me like a minute to do both of these. 
Thank goodness for the Xyron Create-a-Sticker machine!  I got mine at Joann Fabrics with a 40% off coupon, it was $15 regular price so I paid $9 plus tax.  Worth every penny! 

btw - you can get it a little cheaper on Amazon, if you're willing to wait. With the coupon, I only spent a couple bucks more and got to have it immediately.  I love getting things immediately!  (You hearing me, IRS??  Gimme that refund!)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We hung something

Last year, I bought a cool wood art piece on clearance from Pier 1. 
And it sat on the landing, in the hallway, or wherever I moved it, for the next several months.  I hate hanging things.  And, I'm lazy.  We finally hung it up last week in this blank space at the top of the stairs. 
For some reason, the person who rang me up told me I needed to attach heavy duty picture hangers to get this thing on the wall.  So I bought this.
Then, I looked at the back of it, and saw this. 
Of course there are hangers on the thing, why would they sell it any other way?  Pier 1 chick, you are loco.  Anywhoooo, we got out the drill and had a couple trials (and errors) before the end result was realized.  
We used anchors and big screws, so it's not going anywhere.  I think it fills up that super tall space really nicely.  The only problem is that the bottom is quite bowed from months of standing up against the wall. 
Boo!  Hiss!  Oh well, it looks good from the front door. 
And that will teach me to procrastinate.  The end.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Scott's Liquid Gold is great

Recently, I was contacted by a representative of Scott's Liquid Gold to review their products.  I was more than happy to oblige, so I chose two items and squealed when they arrived!  First up was their wood wash:
This product is formulated to clean wood surfaces, from furniture to floors.  I gave it a quick little test drive on our stairs today.  Our stairs are almost always messy, whether from dust, cat hair, or dirt from our shoes. 
It's rather hard to capture, but trust me, they are dirty!  A couple sprays on each tread are all I used.
I was immediately struck with the scent.  It's delicious, like a fresh perfume....definitely not a typical 'cleaner' smell!  I dabbed some behind my ears, because you can never be too clean behind your ears.  And it smells that good. is a fabulous shot of me wiping up the cleaner with a towel!
Wooooo!  Amazing!  It cleaned my stairs!  Since it does, in fact, clean well...I think I love it.
Normally we use Bona cleaner on our floors and stairs, but I think we may have to pick this product up occasionally.  Pluses: It's cheaper than my Chanel the smell is good, the spray bottle is much nicer (the Bona one is really weird - you never get a full spray) and it seems to do a great job cleaning the wood.   
Looks good to me!  Next week I will review the other product I received, Mold Control.  
I know what you're thinking, "Sara cannot have mold in her house!"  Well, I probably do.  Somewhere around this horrible pit general area.    
ps - the laundry area doesn't look like this anymore, but this photo from our first walk-through is much more dramatic and moldy-looking.  And I'm still about two years away from an 'after' post.  So there. 
pps - under those rubber mats was wet latex paint in every color of the rainbow.  Can I get a 'BOOZIE' shout-out up in here?  (Kim already did hers)