Russet Street House

The namesake of this blog is our first home, located in Racine Wisconsin.  We moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota last summer, but our hearts will always be in this house.  I can't bear to change the name of the blog, so we will always remember!  The house when we bought it:
 And when we listed it:
Ode to our first home
We knew the moment we saw this house that is was for us.  It was not in good shape, but we could see the potential.  We had restored it over the 5 years we owned it, and it was so fulfilling to see it become the house we always dreamed of.  We absolutely loved the feel of this house, the way you could be in any room on the first floor and not feel cut off from the family.  We loved our quiet street with beautiful, unique houses.  We loved that the house was so close to the lake, shopping, and the interstate. 
We loved our private back yard with charming ivy growing on the fence.  We loved the flagstone walkways (including the carriage walk that we did ourselves!) and the flagstone planting beds.  When we bought the house, every one of the flagstones was buried in the ground.  We dug up every single stone and planted every single shrub and perennial in the backyard and much of the front.  It is so beautiful in the summer.

We loved the large patio that we built in 2009, where we spent so many summer afternoons.  We loved the built-ins and fireplaces in the house, we lit fires in the living room quite often on winter evenings. We adored our brand new kitchen.  We planned every item in that kitchen and took the room down to the studs to bring the plan to reality.  My favorite part of the kitchen is the open shelves.

We welcomed our son in this house, and it was so special to see him learn to climb the stairs and investigate the kitchen pots and pans drawers.  We are incredibly sad that we had to leave this house, and would have loved nothing more than to pick it up and move it to Minnesota with us. 

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