Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our Dining Room

I wanted to share our mostly-finished dining room.  This used to be a strange little space complete with off-center boob light and awkward tile near the door to the garage. 
Well, the tile is still there because we really do need it, but I think the addition of our teal rug really helps the space feel cozy and intentional.  And no more boob light!  We have also started installing the new white baseboard which we love. 
This rug BARELY fits here.  It is 6x9 and I'm so glad I already owned a rug this size, because anything bigger would've gone on top of the tile. 
 It does half cover the heat vent by the doors, which is slightly annoying.
The new chandelier is this one from Sea Gull lighting. 
I was able to swag it so the light actually hangs centered on the doors.  I like it, but I am disappointed that it hangs slightly crooked.  I'm thinking about putting some little fishing line weights in the side that hangs high. 
The table is beautiful, if slightly mistreated.  The veneer has some blemishes and one of the legs is broken and needs new bolts, but I do love it.  I got it for a good price from a guy on Craigslist but he had already sold the chairs.  SO, I had to find chairs to match which wasn't too hard. 
They aren't an exact match, but are very close.  Obviously, they need to be recovered!  I'm not sure whether to do a retro pattern, a neutral solid, a bright velvet, the possibilities are endless. 
In the corner I put the antique shelf I got from a friend.  It holds some photos and knick knacks, but most importantly, it stores my camera and lenses.  I know it probably seems weird to keep that expensive equipment out in the open (and at Ashford's level!) but if it's not in plain sight, it doesn't get used as much.  This way, when I see a photo op, I can jump on it.  Luckily, the little tornado has never given it a second look.
I also got these orange enameled stools from Overstock, the overhang of the counter is only 6 inches so it's probably not meant to have stools, but I do use them sometimes and Ashford loves to roll his cars on them. 
My beloved pole lamp got pretty banged up by the movers, one of the globes was broken and I know that I can't replace it, so I just taped it up and put it right back on the lamp. 
It works, and nobody can tell.  The mirror on the wall is a vintage 60s mirror I found at a thrift store.  It probably needs to be repainted, but for now I'm leaving it as I found it.  The tray is also from a thrift store.  I love these old pieces!
So, that is what we've done.  I'm taking votes for the chair fabric!  Give me your ideas!