Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Glass shower, you are high maintenance

Hey, guys!  It's been a minute since I posted.  Most of my projects have been on hold because around the time of my bathroom makeover post, I suddenly had Ashford home with me after 10:30am everyday.  (Side note - what the heck is up with 'half day' kindergarten, which is really only 2.5 hours?)  I found out real fast he didn't like being bored with me all day, and I was about to lose my mind, so now he is happily at the YMCA after school in their great after-school care program!  And I can do things again, like work on my photography business.  And clean.  And clean.  And do laundry.  And clean.  I got to thinking about our master bath today, and how much I love and hate our glass shower.  Love using it, hate cleaning it.  The glass always looks like this, even though we use a squeegee after each shower. 
I tried everything on the glass.  Windex, CLR, Limeaway, Kaboom, Scrubbing bubbles, etc.  Nothing touched the hard water stains.  So, I got on Amazon and saw what was available with great reviews.  This product was highly rated, so I bought it. 
It's got a kind of minty smell and it also a mint color thick gel/paste.  You put it on a cloth or paper towel and buff it into the glass.  I did test it in a small area by the sink wall to make sure it didn't scratch, since this is a mild abrasive.  Being that it is meant for glass and other surfaces, I wasn't expecting any issues - and didn't see any. 
I didn't think it required that much effort, but if your stains are really bad, you might need to use some elbow grease!
After you rub it in, you just rinse it off and then remove any streaks with Windex or similar glass cleaner.  I can't believe the difference!
I swear it feels brighter in the shower, too.  I still need to perfect everything with the regular glass cleaner, but it is awesome to have all those spots gone!
Some before and afters (some taken with light on, some off):
Now, I need to tackle the grout and caulking around the tile.  Ugh, never ends!  I hope to have something more fun to share soon.  We made some changes to the basement, and I need an opinion on our doors.  Have a great week!