Thursday, September 15, 2011

A new tree

When I went to find a replacement shrub for picky picky Annabelle a couple weeks ago, I also was fortunate to find some cute Japanese Maples left at half off.  I was a little tired of seeing the 'Charlie Brown tree' all summer....
Shaun couldn't get it out fast enough!  Oh, and those sunken, sad grasses got tossed as well.  They never really lived up to the image in my head. 
I felt so bad seeing the tree all tiny and dead on the grass. 
We enlisted the help of my dad (and his truck) to go pick up the tree, and he also lent his expertise while planting...the dude has seriously planted dozens of trees in his life. 
He was so happy to help, he actually dug his bare hands into the bag of manure we bought to mix into the dirt.  I think he was pretty revolted when he realized what he did.  Tee hee!
The new addition is an 'Inaba Shidare', and it is only supposed to get about 8 to 10 feet wide and tall.  I love the lacy leaves and upright habit.
It's so hard to photograph, but I assure you it is cute!
Next up....moving some poor astilbes that have been engulfed by our gigantic hostas. 
You can hardly see them peeking out of that will be part of my weekend.  Have a great one, peeps! 


  1. There, that's your secret.. your dad knows his stuff around plants!! Remind me to ask you LOTS of advice when we finally tackle our landscaping. Looking good, as always!

  2. UGH. This just reminds me of my sad dead dogwood tree that we're going to give until late Spring to show some signs of life. After that we'll put in a Japenese Maple. They're so pretty. I'm sure I won't be able to find a 1/2 off one though!

  3. great job. Thanks for sharing. You inspire me to up the ante on my pics and content on our blog; )


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