Thursday, November 3, 2011

Because the kitchen isn't enough

We felt we needed more stress in our lives, so we (along with our neighbors) hired a contractor to replace the busted, 30-year-old concrete in our shared driveway. 
Holy mud!  Did you know we shared a driveway?  It is crappy because we can only park in our garage or directly in front if it, but when we get to split the cost of the new concrete, it's fab!  Our share of the cost is just $4400.  Hoodie hoo!  
The concrete guys worked fast on the demo and already had some new stuff poured within a day!  Amazing. 
While I love the new curb, it is much higher than the previous one, I will need to add dirt and replant all my perennials higher in the ground next spring.  Major sadface.  I'm not sure why that happened, but I guess there isn't much to be done about it. 
While I knew that some of my bulbs and day lilies would fall victim to the excavation, I was still sad to see all the clumps the workers laid against the house.  I just don't have the energy to replant them right now!
They still have to pour a little 4x4 sidewalk for the side door of our house.  That door has only been used to bring our washer and dryer into the basement, but we're hoping to make it more functional by getting a proper storm door and light. 
Among all the construction, I had to share my new rose, blooming like crazy in November.  What a happy sight in this gloomy rain and cold!
I can't wait for this driveway to be done, switching our cars from one side of the street to the other every night is getting pretty tiring.  Hopefully I have more kitchen info to share next's crunch time on finalizing our plans and getting cabinets ordered! 


  1. So a possible upside to sharing a driveway - if you have company maybe you can arrange to use a little more of the driveway for that day/night? Either way, cost sharing is great!

  2. Wow, it's looking gorgeous! Who knew I'd ever think concrete could be gorgeous?? Can't wait to hear an update on the kitchen!

  3. It's looking good so far! Congrats on getting your new driveway - and only having to pay part of the cost. =)

  4. Wet concrete makes me giddy, for reals. Cost-sharing makes me even giddier.

    You've been buuuuussssy, hawt stuff! Can't wait to see your kitchen renovation!! You're already my heros for doing all that demo yourselves.

  5. Geeez if that concrete doesn't look smooth and sleek then I don't know what does. Looking gorgeous!

    ...{and I cant believe I actually used smooth, sleek and gorgeous to describe, of all things, concrete. Goooo me!}

    Happy weekend! :)

  6. sharing costs is a good thing.

    and now what did we decide on those kitchen floors?

  7. You are so funny. That nice driveway will be worth the little extra stress!! Its beautiful!

  8. daaaaaaang, lots going on there! that's what happened around here...I was moving right along on the Living Room, and bam, bathroom rot! Next thing I know I'm in a rush-rush bath reno! Kind of bites bc I didn't get to fret over it for months and months first. :)

    I'm dying over your kitchen plans!!! Quit slacking and get something done with it and show us already! ;)

  9. That's on of those not fun to pay for but, but makes life so much easier type upgrades. I know you will happy when it's done. Oh, and the kitchen is going to be great!

  10. This is on our to-do list for the near future... but I had no idea driveways were so expensive- yikes! It turned out great!

  11. Looking great!! You have so many fun adventures going on right now! :)

  12. You two are the busiest bees ever! :) Awesome!


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