Monday, October 15, 2012

4 months and life's better

I swear my baby reads my blog.  Last week I was about to run screaming into Lake Michigan, and this week he is doing better.  I can't tell you how much I loved reading all your awesome comments, and the advice is appreciated.  Of course I know the main reason I'm doing so well this gorgeous, capable husband was here with me to help in the mornings.  
It is night and day when he's here.  Ashford spent most of his 4 month photo shoot eating the bear, sucking his hands, and drooling all over, but I somehow got the best pictures yet - the light from the window was perfect that day!  Here he is, with some commentary on how he's doing.
At his 4 month check up, he measured 14.6 pounds (pretty average) and a whopping 26.25 inches long - almost 90% percentile for length!  His head is a little peanut, 10th percentile.  I hope that doesn't mean his brain is tiny.  He also dazzled the nurses and his pediatrician with his baby situp, pushup, and standing skills. 
He's now sticking his feet in his mouth, and trying to grab items he never noticed before.  He's been sleeping about 7-8 hours a night when we first put him down, and usually goes back to sleep after a feeding.  Once 5am rolls around, though, there isn't much hope for more sleep.  
We are still struggling with naps, but he is starting to sleep longer for us during the day.  About 45 min - 1 hr is average, twice a day.  Still no scheduled times, though.  And getting him down is a fully orchestrated production involving boobies, swaddlers, pacis, lullaby cds, white noise machines, and prayers.  Especially that my old knees won't crack.  They seriously sound like a gunshot when I try to tiptoe out.  
For everyone that commented on the pumping fiascos - I can't leave my pump at work, or even ready my bag the night before, because I use the pump in the morning before I leave.  Even after nursing, I usually get out a good-sized bottle before work.  I also have the bottle ice pack in the freezer - which I have never forgotten for some reason.  I did start stashing extra bottles and lids at work, though.   
Even though some issues are better, we still have a very needy baby on our hands, which is seriously exhausting.  And we can't party anymore.  We went out last night for the first time in months and the price for coming home at 2am was a 3am baby wakeup followed by insane fussiness...what a nightmare.  I think he feels bad, though.  I won't make that mistake again.    
We're all just trying to keep our cool.  You know?
Have a great week, friends!  I hope we do.  


  1. So glad to hear things are getting better. With my own two kids, the 4 month mark was a real turning point. The newborn stage is crazy hard but it DOES get better, as you are seeing. You are doing a GREAT JOB!! Keep it up, Mama!

  2. I got a second pump for the morning pumpings and leave my other "more capable" pump at work. This simple solution has saved my sanity!

  3. OMG! That face...the baby, I mean. He is adorable...seriously!!!! Be proud. Love these pictures!!!

  4. You were right, the pictures were a huge distraction. ;)

    A few years ago at work, there were so many woman breast feeding that they all decided to have an 'office pump'. You'd bring in your own supplies (bottles, tubes, etc). It worked out great for them. :)

    Another friend of mine created a 'work feeding bag' and put a to-do list on her iPhone. It would charm before she went to bed so she could put it all together before the next feeding.

    Keep up the fun, adorable pictures. HE IS SO CUTE - looks kind of like a cabbage patch doll (but in the best way)!

  5. So glad that things are looking up! He is such a cutie :-)

  6. The fact that he's so stinkin' cute is increasing his chance at survival. Little stinker. Love these pictures so much. Henry and ashford are totally the same length. But Henry is heavier and also has a massive noggin. I think the doc said something like the 95th percentile. Which is sad because he takes after me on that one and I still can't find a well-fitting hat.

    So sorry about the lack of sleep. There's nothing worse and I know that smack of getting baby to sleep well. Ugh. So stressful when you finally get the nerve to Elam him down and *pop* eyes wide open.

  7. He is just TOO cute! Love that face!
    Glad you had a good week.

  8. Keep on keepin on, mama!!! My co-worker just returned from her 2 month maternity leave. We were talking the other day about how insane life is after a baby....especially the logistics of everything. But you're doing a great job with the cards you've been dealt! I tried to party last weekend (Lucy sleeps 12-13 hours a night now) and I still couldn't handle it the next day. Ha. Funny how things change!

  9. What beautiful pictures! I'm glad things are getting better. :)


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