Sunday, November 18, 2012

5 months

I'm a little late here, Ashford turned 5 months on November 5, but he's still 2.5 weeks away from 6 months, so I guess it could be worse.  
He gave me so many cute poses and funny faces this month, that I accidentally took (and had to go through) almost 600 photos.  My eyes still haven't recovered.  The 5 month mark was a big one when it comes to a very important thing: his sleep.  The day after he turned 5 months, he went down for the night at 7:30 without a peep.  His body hit the mattress, he rolled to his side, and lay quiet immediately.  Say what?!
I thought he had dropped off into a baby coma or something.  I think it was just his time, because I didn't do anything differently that night.  We'd been letting him cry for up to a half hour, as long as he wasn't hysterical and was safe, etc.  Lately, we have been watching for his tired signs like a hawk, as soon as the 'eye rub' or 'avoiding eye contact' happens, he is hustled into his crib before you can say "epic meltdown."  
Yep, we are on to his game.  For the past week, Ash has been sleeping from about 7:00pm until about 6:00am without waking during the night.  Again, say what?!  It's so awesome.  He also naps for about 4-5 hours during the day.  Kid likes his sleep.  
On Nov 1, he was 15 pounds 8 ounces, still a skinny little guy for his length - almost 27 inches already!  He's still in some 3 month clothes but is wearing more 6 month stuff.  Heartbreaking to pack things away.  New Ashford activities: rolling front to back and back to front, sleeping almost exclusively on his belly, rocking on his hands and knees trying to crawl, looking for things that he drops, and sucking his thumb.  
What we're still working on: sitting (he just likes to move too much) and laughing.  I do my best comedy routines and I get a big smile and a little 'heheh,' but that's about it.  He only truly laughed continuously one time in September, and we've been trying since then to repeat it.      
Until then, I'm enjoying his smiles.  And some better sleep!  


  1. aaaw, he is so cute!!!! and congrats on getting all that sleep! :)

  2. I'm so happy for you guys!! Sleep is the best!!

    Luca did the same thing - laughed a while back and then nothing. I couldn't recreate it. Until the other day when I fake burped for him and he went nuts.

    Of course now I'm fake burping all the time for him and he just smiles at me. Jerk.

    SO happy that Ash is sleeping for you! What a champ!

  3. He is so flipping cute and SO big!

  4. awesome--I'm so glad you are all getting some sleep :-)

  5. He is just yummy! Cute & a great sleeper? Every Mommys dream :) I love thumb suckers. So cute!

  6. socute! i love the expression in the 3rd picture :-)

  7. So Cute . .... and when he sleeps, you sleep ... even better!

  8. That's one cute baby ;) Congrats on the sleeping!! I always feel bad when I hear that someone's baby isn't sleeping well - my girls were champion sleepers like Ashford and I have NO IDEA how parents with non-sleeping babies can function.

  9. Yay Ashford! Way to sleep buddy! :) It is so glorious when they finally sleep through the night!

  10. Way to go, Ashford!!! Three cheers for a good night's sleep - life-changing!!

  11. I swear childhood is wasted on children. You get to sleep as much as you want, someone makes you food, even if it's the middle of the night, and your life is all baths and snuggling. I'm glad he's coming to his senses! :)

  12. He is such a sweetheart. And thank The Lord he's letting you sleep. I've been meaning to email you to see how everything wa going. But I wouldn't have heard back because you've been sleeping!!!! :) I think getting Henry down at the exact right time is also the key. But it's also sort of hard for me to really get his sleep cues right. Kudos to you to get those!!! It's really an art, this parenting stuff.

    Henry has been a laughing machine this month. So I'm sure it's coming.

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  14. I love reading your updates since our babies are basically twins. He is so cute - his eyes are gorgeous! I'm so glad that there's another mom out there dealing with an almost 6 month old who wants to be all over the place! I swear they are 6 months going on 6!


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