Saturday, February 23, 2013

8 month update

Here I am.  I kept starting this post and then deleting it because it would end up depressing or apologetic or somehow 'woe is me,' so I have put it off.  I will just say that I've basically been a single parent for the month of February and it does not agree with me.  Actually, I don't know that being a parent at all agrees with me....but Shaun is home and isn't traveling next week, so I can relax a little knowing I will have his help.  Ashford is 8.5 months old and he is what I guess you would call, "needy."  Or, "whiny, crabby and exhausting."  It's a very good thing he is adorable.         
He is taking steps with his rolling walker.  Crawling so fast I almost can't catch him.  Getting very good at holding his own bottle and feeding himself puffs.  He also lets us hear that cute laugh more often.     
He was not really interested in sitting down for his 8 month photo shoot, which is sort of the story of my life.  I see his butt a lot more than I see his face these days.  He has also started crying during diaper and clothing changes, I pray it's just a phase. 
He continues to put everything in his mouth, including cabinet handles, the dishwasher door, fur throws (complete with cat hair), you name it. 
He still doesn't like eating solids, and lately isn't nursing or taking bottles too well, either.  All he wants to do is play, which might be ok, except his version of fun has nothing to do with his toys and everything to do with stuff I don't want him to touch.  He does love his take along tunes and a few other noisy toys, thankfully.   
We managed to take him out for some winter photos in January, my mom got him the most adorable and impractical baby peacoat.  Who can resist a dapper baby?
And then we had a little snowfall and got him into a snowsuit for some pictures.  We took about a half hour prepping the baby and ourselves to go out, and then came back inside after 5 minutes and left puddles everywhere.  Sounds about right.  
He had no problem crawling through the snow, but I did receive a 'look' that told me he might not appreciate the extra effort.  
We are amazed that he still has his bright blue eyes.  It appears they are going to stay, but I'm not paying out any bets until he's 2.  
I'm hanging in there, and trying to keep up with other blogs as much as I can.  Now that Downton Abbey is over (and broke my blubbering sleep-deprived heart) I have a little extra time.   


  1. A) I started to skim before I really started reading and about near had a heart attack at "single parent." Don't do that!
    B) You can do this. It sucks. It gets better. You can do this.
    B) His black coat is the cutest thing ever!

  2. Hang in there mama! My daughter is the same age, and is also a no-sleeping, cranky ball of fuss, crawling every where and eating everything (where did that piece of moss come from? Oh, thank you for finding that hair ball the vacuum missed!). I can't vacuum fast enough. You're not alone, and I'm so happy for you that Papa comes home soon. Single parenthood is soul sucking and nothing makes me hate my baby and my husband faster than when he leaves us alone for too long.

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  4. Oh I remember these days all to well. The getting into everything {other then the toys}, chewing on everything... etc etc etc. Time flies though, the boy who did these things back in those days is now 5yrs old. Although we will be reliving it again at the end of the Summer when our second baby arrives and although it kinda scares me to do it all over again, I am so excited :)

  5. Katie did the crying during diaper and clothes changes too and thankfully has mostly stopped. Now she just hates to stay still while being changed.

    Also all that travel stuff sucks big time. I hope your husbands travel schedule gets dialed back ASAP. Big hugs for the single mom'ing

  6. Baby #3 is due in 7 weeks & parenting has taught me this much: this too shall pass. When it is awesome and snugly: this too shall pass. When he is a crying mess of stinker: this too shall pass. They grow up in a heartbeat. So when it stinks, remember it will pass & when it is awesome- soak it up, because that passes too. And being a single parent sucks. Hope his schedule has him home a lot more in the future. My oldest was soo tough and needy that first year. Now he is the most awesome 4.5 year old and looking back, I'm thankful for all that extra bonding time. At 3 in the morning 4 years ago, not so much.

  7. "..and looking back, I'm thankful for all that extra bonding time. At 3 in the morning 4 years ago, not so much." Totally sums up my experience as well.

    Hang in there, darling! I'm sure you are doing a bang-up job!

  8. Oh, friend. I'm so sorry that you've been on baby chasing mode. I totally relate. Entry is also going through a totally needy phase. Which is also corresponding with a Wendy phase and a Refusing to nap for mom and dad phase. Maybe they all have something to do with one another. And Ryan has only even gone a week this onto but u truly thought I was going to die. Exhausting. single parenthood is no joke. All this to say that I totally understand. An I hope that he turns a corner. Hang in tere, momma. I loe all these pictures. We too Henry out in his snowsuit this morning and he thoroughly unimpressed. He didn't even try to move. Far too much work for a king.

    Also, that peacoat at is to-die. We have a second hand coat for Henry that is terrible and doesn't stay zipped but I can't bring myself to buy something new for a few months of running from car to house to car to daycare to car to store. Call me cheap.

  9. So adorable! Thanks for sharing the cuteness.

  10. He. Is. So. Cute!!! My son, who turns 8 months tomorrow, is acting very similar to yours (and Kim's it seems), so I have to think/pray/hope it's only a phase. Hopefully a short one! Henry has learned to whine and it seems that's all he does, while playing, eating, napping...he also hates getting his diaper or clothes changed and whines/cries/screams. He also favors anything non-toy including cords, my laptop, my phone...there is less sleep as well. All of this leads to looong days. then they smile and look at you with their big blue eyes and all is forgiven. Hang in there!

  11. Ok, so our babies are basically twins. Like no joke, I could have written that entire blog post. Preston has turned into a cranky, screaming curious non-stop tornado. I don't really know I will survive toddler years if he's like this at 9 months old.

    I'm sorry you have been doing it all by yourself! My husband typically works late and gets home after P is in bed for the night so I totally understand. I could never be a single parent - I would be in the looney bin!! Hang in there mama!

  12. As a woman who is old enough to be your Mom...I say, just hang in there. I have to say, enjoy every minute of his smallness and the chaos because you will BLINK! and he will be 21. Know it will get better....but then he will be a teenager and that can be icky too.

    Boys are easier than girls. Be glad of that.

    So sit back and enjoy the ride. He is an adorable child and that face.....priceless.

    He may be teething, have a cold, fussy, but look at that face and know he loves you and depends on you.

    Hang in there. You will have good and bad days. Be will get better. PROMISE!!!

    Get some rest. Treat yourself to some MOMMY time....take a long walk. Have a glass of wine.

    Enjoy your cute, little boy. Envious. Mine are grown and your age.


  13. You poor thing :( On the bright side I can tell you that - now that my kids are older and I am the mother of a teenager -(wtfwhendidthathappen???) I can honestly say that I do not remember much of the stress, the sleepless nights and the crying jags (both mine and the baby's). I look back on those days and smile. So, as bad as you are feeling know that it's normal, know that sometimes you are going to want to lock yourself in the bathroom to have a good cry with a bottle of wine while your children scream in the next room and that you are going to feel guilty about it. Trust me - it's OK to feel that way. BUT - you have to remember to take time for yourself so now that dad is back home, leave the baby with him and go out - for several hours - and do something for yourself.

    Hang in there :)

  14. I adore you. I really really do. And let me just say I can TOTALLY empathize with you. I don't hate on momma's with "easy" babies but it makes me feel so not alone when I read of other momma's who have "spirited" babies, as well. I know I'm not by myself and that is relieving. Theron doesn't crawl, in fact still pretty much hates being on his stomach, but he loves to "walk" everywhere and hates to be stationary. He doesn't babble yet {cue mom freak out} but sure does let us know his desires by moaning all of the time. Like you said, it's a good thing they're cute. Oh yeah, and sleeping through the night? Really, Theron has much better things to do. [Insert eye roll]


  15. I thought of you and your struggles, I am sure things are much better now, wish you had time to blog more!! But here is a blog post from a new mom who sounded kinda just like you a few months ago. Just so you can see it ain't all perfect out there. :)

  16. Hi Sara! I've been reading your blog for a while, it's great and congratulations on little Ashford. I have an almost-two year old and a blog that I didn't write on for two years, if that tells you anything. My pickle was a late crawler so I can't relate on all the chasing around, but she did go through separation anxiety. It was rough, but short-lived. Once your little man gets through this phase you both will come out the other side stronger and better for it. Like all the other mommies above say, this too shall pass. Good luck, take it day by day and now that your hubby is back, take a long hot shower all by yourself.

  17. Single parenting is HARD whether it's for 1 day, 10, or longer. You're a saint for doing that for a whole month, work, etc. etc. etc.

    Having one of those whiny, fussy kids myself, I feel for you, friend. Mine won't even let her daddy put her to bed, it has to be me all day, all night, every day. Not gonna lie, I love her but not sure I love her THAT much. =]

    I keep telling myself everything's a phase, the good & the bad. And it DOES get better!! And they get smarter, so these days I find myself negotiating w/ my 16 mo old. Wtf.

    FWIW, I feel like it doesn't get easier per se.....we just get better at tolerating the ups& downs. It feels like less of a burden over time, the hard parts, you know? And there's more fun to be had & more enjoyment as they get older. Speaking from the heart.

    Meanwhile, I'm gonna keep punching the "lovey-dovey enjoy this time cause it goes by so fast" people in the face.



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