Saturday, June 21, 2014

So much work!

I just don't even know what to post about.  The house is still a disaster and we are spending a buttload of money on things that are NOT fun, like replacing our old leaky skylights (to the tune of 3k) and paying hundreds of dollars to have plumbing and electrical issues fixed. Well, let me just start with the beginning.  We started with a nice open space before the moving company came.  Here are some fun 'before and after the movers came' shots.  
This is the best one!  All the empty boxes from the move are still clogging our garage.  We still aren't sure when they are coming to pick them up, but I hope it is this week! 
In other news, we bought a refrigerator and the wee frig opening in our cabinets was not working for 98% of available bottom freezer or side by side models.  We ended up getting a Samsung unit that was too tall for the opening, which meant we had to remove the cabinet on top.  
We took a look at what was happening up there to see if we could detach is safely.  It was good to go!
A few screws were removed, along with the silly decorative rail on top, and the cabinet was off. 
Bye bye decorative rail!  I kept a couple of the little doodads as a reminder.
And here is the new frig in place.  Those with eagle eyes will notice we also got a new stainless dishwasher...that would be the source of the plumbing and electrical issues that will cost us unfortunate amounts of money.  We found some 'fun' surprises when we tried to install the new dishwasher ourselves...thankfully I found a great plumber (he was on Bath Crashers!) and he is taking care of us.    
Now we just have to reattach the cabinet above the frig a few inches higher because we desperately need the storage.  We would also love to add some crown to the top of the cabinets at some point....we will see.  In closing, here is the back patio area when we put our offer in this April....
and here is the crazy weed mess that we have inherited, now that the snow is gone.  Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to start.  I walk out here and then walk back into the house shaking my head.  
I will need about 65 Ashford naps to fix this garden.  Yikes!


Wendy Coulter Baarda said...

Oh Sara! when I saw the final picture of the patio area I almost cried! Almost, because most of my tears have been spent crying over the weedy mess I call a driveway and backyard! I never thought I would dream of concrete..but I do! Wish I could find an successful, environmentally safe, weed killer! Safe and killer in the same sentence? No wonder I'm lost!
Keep your chin up!

Deb said...

One day at a time... You'll get there!

Steph said...

Just remember your last home wasn't done in a day/week/month/year either! Only this time you get to do it with a kid underfoot!
I look forward to the updates

BJM said...




Thanks for the post. Did you do it because of me?
remember, we love you dearly!!!


Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

We are a year in and still have a box room and our yard is also a disaster. I feel your pain!

Nikki Cotton said...

Hang in there, girl!

Sara Brandon said...

That backyard has lovely green grassy potential! Its perfect!

Katie said...

progress! and you are there, so that's a big deal! :)

meryl rose said...

Just think of all the POTENTIAL. The house is awesome! A few boxes won't hold you back :)

Jamie Hartman said...

Totally agree with the home made weed killer. I used it and it kills everything. Knowing you, your best bet is to spray away and start from scratch! You have mad skills and I am sure everything will look amazing in no time!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I love the garage shot!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Your before and after's cracked me up! I wish I could have done the same but I didn't even get to see the house EMPTY before signing on the dotted line... right after closing - they had 3 days to move out, then I had to hop on a plane to go home to see my family for the weekend... SO My hubby and his family got to see the empty house. By the time I got there, it was full of boxes... I hate that the only time I'll ever see this new house naked is when I sell it. :(

You've got a lot of work, but I KNOW you will make this home amazing! I'm still going to send you some good mojo for the other items you want to knock off your to-do list!

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Sara .. it will be great .. .the house has great bones.

Enjoy .. and take tons of photos.


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm going to try the weed killer trick because I busted my butt for hours today and barely made a dent. The LAVA ROCK is the worst part, though. No idea how to get rid of all that.
B - you definitely spurred me to action! ha

thisearthhorse said...

If you want to put some plants in when you're ready, and save time and effort, just lay cardboard or newspaper over the weeds and put stones on top to hold them down. You'll have plenty of that from the unpacking! That way, the weeds will die from lack of sun, and nourish the soil. Then when you're ready, you can layer soil, compost, manure, and mulch on top, which will improve the soil and make whatever you plant there happy. Good luck with it all!

BJM said...


I used the weed killer....BAM!
It worked!!!

In a regular spray bottle:

1/4 cup Epsom Salt
Fill bottle with vinegar
2 squirts of DAWN

Am on second bottle.

Just be carful to spray weed, not plants like hostas... You might dig up hostas while doing this!!!

Your email pal.....Barb or B.

Peachy Pains said...

we've had success with the vinegar.

i like how you had the tv installed. we did that too when we moved. plus the beds.


Erin said...

You have great potential with this house. Plus, not so great befores make fantastic looking afters. Excited to see what you do!