Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cool house numbers

Ok, I promise this is the last time you will see a post on the outside of the house.  Well, until next year!  I had to show you the final look of the front with everything done.  First of all, I knew I wanted the house numbers to match the front door.  I bought these simple cheap numbers from Home Depot for $6 each and sprayed them with Rustoleum orange.
The reviews on these numbers are lousy, but we didn't have any problems installing them.  We set up the template...
We drilled the holes, and then started filling the cavities with clear silicone and pushing the numbers in. 
We were careful to wipe away any lumps, and then it was just a quick touch up with paint to cover the shine after they set up.  The instructions said to tape the numbers in place while the silicone dried, but I didn't do this for fear that it would lift the orange spray paint off the numbers.  No problems.     
I splurged on the outdoor lights.  I didn't like anything that you could find on traditional lighting websites or big box stores, not even at expensive places like Restoration Hardware or Rejuvenation.  I wanted a simple torch style light with a smoked glass globe.  I originally settled for this light from Amazon but when I got delivered it was a ridiculously big white plastic globe, no good.  Cheap.
Then I found a link to loveitlighting.com on Retro Renovation, and finally found what I was looking for!   A simple torch style light with an 8 inch smoke glass globe! 
I had to hire someone to put them up because our light box wasn't compatible with the mounting strap. 
Of course that would happen!  Oh yeah, and the garage lights didn't even have boxes, there were just wires sticking through the siding from the inside of the garage. 
When the very talented and nice electrician came, he put proper boxes in for the garage lights, and got the porch light installed no problem.  He also said "You know, I am always taking this style of light down...not putting it up!"  Huh, sounds about right.
I love it!  I realized after I got them installed that they blend into the house more than I thought they would, but ultimately I love the more monochrome look.  Plus, the numbers are the star here. 
The last projects I needed to take care of were painting the garage door and replacing the screens in the lower windows. 
I decided to spray paint the frames bronze so they blend more with the screens.  
Here are the sprayed screens back in their spot. 
And here is the final product!
I'm so happy with it!  And the lights look so pretty lit up. 
So, that is the end!  Oh wait...
Now it's the end.  Isn't it funny how the house color looks so much warmer and greener with all the white snow?  Also, it's been under 15 degrees and windy for several days and I'm ready to move now! 


  1. Love your idea to spray paint the house numbers, it looks great!!

  2. They look great! It's currently 69 here in Oakland. Yes, punch me in the face now :)

  3. Huh, we have the same numbers and didn't have any problems putting them up. The worst part was getting up the nerve to drill through the new cedar!

  4. What a great idea - I never would have thought to paint the #'s and I LOVE the look. I am really in love with the paint color you chose for the exterior of the home, it's so modern, but traditional at the same time. I can't wait to see the landscaping you work on whenever that is, because I know you, you will want to landscape the hell out of that place! And I'm dying to see it!!!

    Thank you as always for all the instructions and tips. Now that we own a home, I feel less worried about DIY. I can't wait to finally paint our shutters and our front door!!!

    Oh and there is that damn white picket fence that I thought was charming in the front yard, that now is actually... not charming because it's all peeling... GRRR - can't wait to paint that ;)

  5. You've done a phenomenal job on the house, it looks so fresh. And you've stuck so well with updating the look while staying true to the style of the house!

  6. Have followed your blog for a long time. Loved what you did in the past, and love what you're doing with the new place!

  7. Hi, Sara! I'm Michele, and I found your blog through Hi Sugarplum. I love your front door color--what a great punch of color! Looking forward to reading your older posts!


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