Sunday, August 30, 2009

First post!

Hello, friends!  Welcome to my blog about the daily escapades of home renovation and other details of my life that I may post while intoxicated choose to share.  Who am I?  My name is Sara and my extremely cute (but sadly not handy) fiance and I bought a 'fixer upper' last summer.  Since that time last June, we have completely fallen off the social radar in the hopes of making this place a fierce party house a lovely home that we could possibly fill with babies (ahem....maybe 2 babies, max) and furniture that didn't come from our parents or my college years. There is a lot to this endeavor, as any home renovator knows. There is excitement, house-blog stalking, inspiration-picture-hoarding, big-box-store-shopping, sticker shock, frustration, tears, swears, insomnia, boozing*, and ultimately, defeat involved. There is also the pleasure of laying the final paver on our patio, refinishing the hardwoods back to their former glory, pulling down that last piece of wallpaper and rolling the final lick of paint onto our walls. And in between all that there is this: WHAT DID WE GET OURSELVES INTO??  WHY IS THE PATRON BOTTLE EMPTY AGAIN??  WHY CAN'T MAX GO IN THE LITTER BOX??  HOW IS IT POSSIBLY MONDAY ALREADY??

This blog will talk about all of these topics.  The good, the bad, and the very very ugly of our projects, before and afters, and hopefully I will entertain you and add some humor to our mishaps along the way.  Happy workweek!
*Disclaimer:  I am not a drunk, I just really like drunk humor.  Alot.  And wine.  Here we go again. 


  1. Congratulations on your blog! I don't have one - just stalk everyone elses. I am not always sober whilst reading them so I apologise in advance for any inappropriate comments I may make.
    Jo x

  2. Good lord, I just read your entire blog in one sitting!
    My overall impression is - you have an incredible amount of energy, wonderful taste, and a fantastic personality!
    Thanks for sharing your projects with us!


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