Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Art room lighting

Gah!  I'm so busy, I hope you will forgive my lack of posts this week!  While I'm creating the horribly long (and possibly boring) 'how we put up the molding' post, I'll give you a little update on the lighting situation.  This is the gem we started off with:
Isn't she a beaut?  I think it went perfectly with the ceiling herpes.  Needless to say, this light fixture did not fit into my decor ideas, so I took it down.  
And unfortunately, underneath the fixture was a sad sight:
Broken plaster was heaved around the ancient light box.  And of course, the box was too small to fit my new light fixture.  I had the electrician that installed my bedroom chandy install the light for this room as well, because I have better things to do than go ripping out electrical boxes and swearing all day.  Even though I had professional help with the light, I knew the ceiling needed to be addressed.  I had to use a medallion because I really didn't have the means to fix the plaster.  However, I wasn't sure how a medallion would look with the more modern track-style light I had purchased for the room, so I thought about my options. 
My solution was to paint the medallion to look like part of the light, instead of keeping it the more formal white color.  The fixture is bronze, so I had to get a little creative to match it up with the spray I had laying around the basement.  I started off with a oil-rubbed bronze spray, and it was way off:
So then I sprayed the entire thing black and added a little of the bronze spray over the top.  I think it matched up really well!
And here is how it looks now:
I think the matching medallion is pretty cool.  I can't wait for the spotlights to actually be lighting up something on those walls!   The light is made by Urbino, and is available on Menard's Special Order website, here.  I paid $60 for it at my local store.  I love it!


  1. This room is looking so cool. I can't wait to see what you hang on those walls. It's going to be so dramatic!

  2. Excellent match.

    First art project in the art room!!!

  3. Great contrast, with the ceiling! It's really coming together!

  4. I can't wait for them to be lighting up something either! That looks really great, and the medallion totally works.

  5. Very clever of you to mix the spray paints... looking good!

  6. You did a really great job with the paint. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, I read your blog daily. I've tagged you with the Happy 101 Award!

  7. Those lights are sweet! Maybe we should do something like that in our basement. It looks like it adds a lot of light.

  8. I love the wall color.... and great idea to paint the medallion. We have lots of medallions in our house as well, the product of an old house.

  9. Love the look you are creating in your room. Do you mind sharing where you purchased the light fixture?

  10. Nicole, the light is made by Urbino, and was purchased at Menards. I found it on their special order site:



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