Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy 101 Award

I received the Happy 101 award from the fanciest blogger I know, Angela at Fixing It Fancy!  Please check out her amazing bedroom renovation immediately!  And, check out this cute button:
Let me tell you, after the week I had, those cuppies are looking so amazing I might forgo all plans to fit into my sexy jeans this weekend just to eat a couple dozen of them.   Anywho, here's 10 things I like:
1.  Lattes
2.  The Tudors on Showtime - seriously, does Showtime have any bad shows?
3.  Eclipse Breeze 'Exotic Mint' gum.  It has Cardamom in it, which doesn't really mean anything to me except I once heard Bree Van De Camp say it was in her pie on DH, so it must be good!  This gum is seriously yummy.   
4.  McDonalds Southwest salad (minus chicken) - thank goodness it's there year-round now. 
5.  Wine
6.  The smell of gasoline.  This may explain a lot about me.
7. - I just bought a bamboo blind for $24 with free shipping that is the exact measurements I need.  Home Depot wanted $31 for a blind that was 20 inches longer than my window!  BOOYA, Home Desperate!
8.  Noodles & Company.  Their Japanese Pan noodles make me SO happy. 
9.  Wine.  Oh, did I repeat that one?  Well, it's so nice I had to type it twice. 
10. Amazon MP3 - I get so many cheap downloads there, they are the top dog for deals!

And here are 10 blogs I love to read (I'm trying to hit ones that I haven't tagged for awards in the past):


  1. i love the smell of gasoline too. i craved the smell when i was pregnant with my last baby. you really can crave a smell. i proved it to myself.

  2. I LOVE the Japanese Pan Noodles at Noodles! I haven't tasted them in over 6 years, because I moved to another state with no Noodles for miles. I'm happy to hear that they still serve them and I hope to get them again one day...

  3. <3 The Tudors. It's my new crack.

  4. I am with you on 1, 5, 7, 9, and 10. There is a Noodles & Company opening up close to my office soon - I am so excited! Not sure if Noodles Inc is the same thing?

  5. I've never downloaded music from Amazon... Huh.


  6. Yay, I made the list! Made my day!!

  7. Thanks for posting your list of blogs... I'm a sucker for recommendations :)

    I agree about the Japanese Pan noodles - my daughter is addicted to their extra cheesey mac and cheese - she doesn't have to twist my arm too hard to go there...

  8. So... I didn't even know there WAS a place called noodles, inc. And I exist solely on variations of pasta. So now my life is complete, thanks to your website!

  9. Micah - thanks for the comment, that was a total typo. I meant Noodles & Company. I updated the post to read correctly and included some links. I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves Noodles!

  10. I love Noodles and Company too...and wine...and overstock.

    I am so excited that you thought my blog deserved an award. Made my weekend!

  11. Oooh thanks Sara! I'm so flattered! And I have to agree with you on most of your list, especially #6. It's so tempting to take long, deep breaths every time I'm pumping gas hahaha.

  12. Good call on mentioning wine twice - I'm right there with ya'! Thanks for the shout out and for playing!

  13. I just now realized I made the list! Thank you so much!!

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