Thursday, April 15, 2010

Winner winner!

I am tickled pink purple (what? I'm wearing a ruffly purple short sleeve top because it's 80 degrees in WI!!!) to announce the winner of the totally rad starburst mirror from CSN!   Using, I got lucky number 30 as the winner.  Lucky because that is my age, and if you must know, I don't think that I look even close to it!  Now excuse me while I go photoshop all the wrinkles out of my profile pic.... 
Moving right along, comment number 30 was posted by Ashley from Ashley's Antics, one of my newest blog friends!  Congrats, Ashley!  I'm so jealous of you!
I want to thank CSN Stores for sponsoring this giveaway, and also thank everyone that entered.  For my new commenters (and the familiar ones for that matter), I'm going to be stalking each and every one of your blogs this weekend.  Tomorrow I'll share the outcome of my master closet overhaul!  


  1. SHUT UP! I had no idea you were 30! You're 100% correct is saying that you don't look close to it. Seriously, I thought you were 24 or 25 and I was a teensy bit jealous about your your fabulous house and sense of style at such a young age. Oh wait, I'm still jealous of your fabulous house and sense of style. Oh well.

  2. Naw, when I was 24 and 25 my house was pretty offensive as far as decor goes! haha

    Thanks for the complement, Karrie!

  3. Darn it! I was SO CLOSE! Only 53 away. Shoot. Next time.

    And, I had no idea you were thirty either! You are doing something right!


  4. Congrats to Ashley........and you don't look anywhere near 30 at all.

    And, yes........I am so loving the 80 degrees myself right now. Sucks that I am at work but Spring is finally here! (work in New in Muskego)

  5. Shoot! I totally thought I had it:) Now I'm obsessed, however, and I think I'll just order it. Congrats to Ashley!

  6. Thirty?! I would have guessed early twenties.. you look great!


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