Monday, January 10, 2011

Source list updated

Happy Monday!  I have exciting news if you were ever interested in my paint colors, light fixtures, accessories or furniture - I have updated my source list from last year, you can get to it by clicking on this sweet photo link on my sidebar: 
I also updated all my picture 'buttons', so they look a little more uniform and pretty.  Hope you like the changes! 


  1. Don't we all appreciate a source list, especially specific colors. Thanks!!

  2. Most awesome! If we EVER get into a new house, I've been stalking some of your room colors!!

  3. The picture buttons look purty.

  4. How do you like the jute type rug? I almost picked one up at TJs last week, but well it had a funny smell. Here I was sniffing it in the store. Just wondered if it goes away.


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