Friday, April 15, 2011

Fixing up my sweet bike

Here's another random post coming at ya.  I noticed that my Trek was looking a little rusty when we hauled out the bikes this past Sunday.  It was an 80-degree day that gave way to freezing rain and general crappiness for the rest of this week, a classic Wisconsin move.  Anyway, I digress....the rust was on the metal parts, obviously:
I read somewhere that regular foil crumpled up (shiny side out) and dipped in water would remove the rust.  A tip was also given to rub the chrome with straight motions, not circular.
I decided to give it a shot. Please don't look at my grown-out highlights!!
When you start rubbing the metal with the foil, you will see this black 'bubbly' thing happen.  I think that means it's working.  Or, it's the foil breaking down.  Whatever. 
Here is that top piece after a good scrub, a rinse, and a wipe with an old t- shirt.  
Amazeballs!  It actually worked and it was FREE!
My bike looks brand new!  Too bad I forgot to take a full picture of it.  I had places to go, ya know? 

ps - with summer quickly approaching, I feel it necessary to warn all concerned parties that Mike's 'Harder' Lemonade has 400 ridiculous calories in ONE CAN.  I almost convulsed when I read that, mid-can.  You have been warned!  Drop the Mike's, pick up a Lite, and have some chips with it instead!


  1. Foil, really?? Nifty!

    400 calories? Aghh.

    You're teaching us so much! :)

  2. neat trick, I'll have to use it on my ancient bike. And don't worry, I won't judge your hairdo while you're being all resourceful.

  3. What a great tip!!! WOW! That aluminum foil is really an amazing invention! I already use it to get rid of the smell of onions on my hands after I get through cutting them up. Try it! Rub a ball of aluminum foil all over anywhere you touched with the onion...No Smell afterward! :-)

  4. I can't wait for some bike weather. I'll be sure to use this tip before hand. Who knew!

  5. Great tip! Okay, seriously, 400 calories??!!! OMG!!

  6. Wow, who knew! (Well, you did, obviously.) That IS amazing. Oh, and thanks for the Mike's tip. I'll be sure to steer clear of it - that's crazy.

  7. That really is CRAZY amazing. I've gotta try this on something. I am sure I can find something, right?

    And, your PSA at the bottom is much appreciated. 400 calories? Crazy.

  8. OMG 400 calories?! WHAT? Definitely rather spend that on Doritos, kthx. This foil thing is awesome though! Thanks! I will probably try it on my bike after the snow melts! (Did you guys get the snow? We got 8" in Friday and it was headed east...)

  9. Cool, i've noticed some rust spots on some of our stuff. i'll have to try it out. Huh, i won't be trying the mikes at 400 calories. geez - who knew?

  10. "Ding dong!" <-that's my bike's bell saying hi to your bike!

    Looks su-weet!

  11. I'll be trying the foil and the lemonade!

  12. Tested this out on a bike we found for our son on the side of the road - worked really well. Thanks for the tip.


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