Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Got a minute? Stain something.

So, I think I'm the queen of "hey, I know I'm only weeding and planting stuff, but....I think this wine barrel planter looks shabby so I'm going to stain it RIGHT NOW at 7pm"...observe:
It was not good.  Maybe some people like weathered silvery wood, but I was sort of depressed looking at it.  I stained it in 5 minutes using the last little bit of stain I had left, and ran out before I could finish the inside...whoops!  
Ahh!!!  It's so much better!  Like looking at a toned and tan Ryan Reynolds instead of a glittery vampire!  Here's another closer shot - pale and angsty before: 
Warm and bubbly after:
After the stain dried for 2 minutes (who's counting?) I sprayed the whole thing with some spar urethane.  I used it when I planted flowers and then stained the planter they were in, and when I restained our bench last summer. 
It's nothing to write home about, but it's better than nothing.  Lest you should think I didn't plant anything in the barrel, I just ran outside and took this photo (at 8pm) of the vinca and coleus I planted there.  They look much cuter with the sun out!
As for my ridiculous blogging absences, I've been really busy being a newlywed this summer.  We've been doing a lot of this...
(not smoking, just drinking and paying homage to Bob!)
and some of this:
(hmm...appears to also be drinking...)
and this:
And of course, there was this shining moment last Saturday:
Do you think this is why I've been having a heck of a time getting up for work Monday mornings??  Either way, we are having a great summer and hope you are too!
ps - don't you love the free filters on Picnik??
pps - have you kissed a dog lately?
ppps - ok, I'm done now. 


  1. Looks like you ARE having a good time! I love the flower box in front of the window in the last picture. That's a fantastic feature and one that I wish we had on our little home. Gonna need to figure out how to work that in.

  2. Alright, somehow I left this comment on the wrong post. I meant it to be on your "What a knock out" post. Oops! Sorry about that. But I still love the flower box in that post. And I like your stained barrel too!

  3. Sara the hair is to die for. Seriously.

  4. Enjoy your summer, dear! Live it up!

  5. All that alcohol... no fair!! :) Three months left for me...

    Enjoy your summer!! The blog will always be there, the cold beer won't...

  6. Glad you are having a great summer!! Enjoy!

  7. First, your hair is fabulous! Second, the more drinks the merrier! Enjoy your summer as a newlywed, it happens once :)

  8. I like the warm, brown stain better! Looks great. And by the way, I love your hair! It looks perfect in all your pictures.

  9. yay, you're back!! and i completely respect your priorities: new marriage first, beer second, blog third. it's as God intended. :) hope the rest of the summer is as happy!

  10. Love the stain. Love your hair. Glad your loving newlywed life :)

  11. I 100% understand the blogging thing. Also, I love the stained barrel planter- totally blogworthy.

  12. The barrel planter looks great. I like it stained. (I know, you totally care. Sarcasm font.)

    Anyhoo, looks like a great summer! Love the doggie kiss pictures!

  13. hahah awesome!!!! looks like you both are having a blast as newlyweds!!!! And I love your stain update. I'm definitely the same way....I'll be working on one project and decide to embark on another, even if it's midnight and to do so would be ridiculous. At least when you're finished you can always have a drink!

  14. are you saying there's something wrong with glittery vampires? not that i know anything about that kind of stuff

  15. Sara - you're hair is amazing. I need to know what products you use as I have been straightening the freak out of my curls since the humidity became stupid in Western NY (aka since March).

    Mucahs Gracias.


  16. I think I am slightly jealous of people who get married at the beginning of the summer. We're getting married the second to the last official weekend of this summer and therefore have become complete slaves to the planning of it. My next wedding will be....uhhh...what am I saying? What next wedding?

  17. Now this is what summer should be about! So glad you are having a great time (with a little DIY mixed in of course).

  18. Dudes, thanks so much for the hair love! For anyone interested, I loosely follow the 'curly girl' method which means no harsh sulfates in shampoos and no silicones in conditioners or styling product. I use Burt's Bees shampoos, and Fructis conditioners and mousse. As long as there aren't any ingredients that end in -one or -ane, I find I get the best curl. Cheers!

  19. Haha - good for you for taking a blog break to have some fun! I do find that it's very hard to find time to blog in the summer.

    Nice planter makeover, by the way!

  20. Ha! I used to have a big poster of Bob in my kitchen of all places! That was a long time ago....


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