Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One % Pinspiration

I have to share with you the results of my Pinterest art challenge!

Me, Amanda and Ashli had some artistic fun over the last 9 days, and I'm SO glad mine is done because it was a pain in the bootie. I started my owl mobile by shopping for WAY more felt than anyone would ever need, then I enlisted the help of my bestie, Tiny Ninja. Look how crafty she is using my curtain as a dramatic backdrop!
Tiny Ninja aka Jean was instrumetal in helping me create the owls of my dreams. We spent an evening and an afternoon surrounded by felt, fabric samples, craft thread, and Reeses.
I wanted to do cute owls surrounding a fabulous tree, so I found this tree template courtesy of Homemade by Jill:
This tree took FOREVER.
Yep, still working on it...
In the time it took me to do this tree, Jean had finished the first owl (template here courtesy of plain jane) and cut out all the shapes for the remaining ones.  We used felt along with fabric samples I had ordered for nursery options.  So glad I got to use them!
After all the owls, tree, and some misc leaves were created, I had to figure out what to hang them from.  I walked outside and found the perfect tree branch laying in my yard.  Uh, ok then!  I stood in my driveway with a hacksaw and cut it into two pieces (what a weirdo) and then Shaun fastened them together with an eye bolt.
We added some Loctite adhesive and twine to make extra sure the two pieces are together for life.  Then we drilled holes on the bottom (using a tiny bit) for wee little eye hooks. 
Here it is all done!  And really hard to photograph.  The hang thread is just clear fishing line, I may adjust the height once it gets in the nursery.
And all the adorable owls that Jean did such a great job on:
This is the Citron Dumb Dot fabric that will be crib sheets:
And here is the Sky Mini Chevron that will be the curtains:
All I can take credit for is the eyes and beaks on these three.  And here is the original one, I decided to make him an 'angry owl' because Jean's eyeballs were different from the ones I made.  HA!  He says 'GO TO SLEEP OR ELSE!'
And my labor-intensive tree.  Oy. 
I can't wait to hang it. 
This cost me under $15 for felt, fabric samples, batting, and eye hooks.  The owls are all two-sided, as well.  What do you think??


  1. Wow! That turned out amazing

  2. Super cute!!! You and Jean are far craftier than I, lol.

  3. Very cute! Isn't it funny how a seemingly quick project can TAKE SO LONG!

  4. that is TOO cute! i love it! would it be weird if i made one for myself... yes?

  5. What a cute mobile! I'm sure you and baby will love it. :) Thanks for joining us!!

  6. Very very cute... pinworthy stuff! :)

  7. SO DARN CUTE!!!! Note to self - must get off my rear and finally make a mobile. Hopefully it will turn out half as darling as yours!

  8. That looks fantastic! I love the fabrics you chose- can't wait to see everything come together :D

  9. That mobile is too darn cute and just about perfect. Remember to save it as time goes on. Should make for a nice heirloom.

  10. Such a great job. Your baby will love it knowing you made it!!! You should be proud.

    Also, you look beautiful pregnant. It will be over soon and you will have a glorious child. Enjoy the time...your life will change forever!!!


  11. This is the cutest thing I have EVER seen. It really isn't even fair how cute this is.

  12. Ok, I'm sort of obsessed with this mobile! Love it - it came out so cute!!

    Also, this is totally random. Do you subscribe to VeryJane? They have a sale today on window valences and one of the prints you can pick from is the same chevron fabric you are using in the nursery. I didn't know if you were making the curtains, but in case you wanted to check them out! Sometimes I get all these good ideas for projects but when it comes down to it, I'm lazy and enjoy just paying someone to do it for me!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The felt is such an awesome choice and the trees and owls are just killing me with cuteness.

    And what a great friend, that Tiny Ninja. She's a keeper (and makes great owls, too).

    My college roommate is coming to visit me and the bump this weekend. We may be trying to make pinwheels for a mobile. Eek!

  14. Goodness. Adorable. Cuteness. Great job. So much better than those ones you buy in the store too. Fab.

  15. It's great! I love that you incorporated the fabrics from the bedding and curtains, it's the perfect detail.

  16. seriously, cute. i love the patterns and colors... fun.

  17. Wow!!! Everything is lloking so great over here...the floors, the owls, the room board and YOU!!! Just think of that belly as your free ticket out of anything!!

  18. Ahhh Sara - it is soo cute! Your little babe will love it!! Halle just has the pom poms and she loooves pulling on them and hitting them (when I hold her up to it)

  19. This came out amazing!!! I have a weakness for all things owl...

  20. Woo! Great job, girls!! :)

  21. I will 'owl-ways' love you & your creativity. Sorry, I just had to say it. I LOVE the owl mobile!!!! So much so, will Tiny Ninja help me make one?! The nursery's looking so fab, I can't wait to see the reveal!

    I agree w/ Cassie, you're looking great (tho you might not be feeling it). Use that belly to your advantage. I kinda wanted to be pulled over for speeding when I was prego (like I ever sped--I'm a hardcore speed limit follower)just so I could use the excuse that I needed to pee badly, just to see if it would get me out of a ticket.

    This is how my braincells are put to use, seriously.

  22. Are you kidding me right now? GENIUS! These are so darn cute. Angry Houndstooth Owl is my favorite. So, so cute and the sticks are perfect!


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