Saturday, June 2, 2012

Guest room redo

Since I haven't given birth yet, I thought I would share the guest room that we spent last weekend sprucing.  It started out like this:
It was cute, but the curtains were heat damaged and hole-y on the bottom, the shag rug got brown fuzzies on ANYTHING that entered the room, and the celery walls were never my favorite.  It just turned out a little too pastel, it looks better in photos than in person.  Check out this "immediately after painting" pic from 2008!  Holy bad photographer, Batman!
Anyway, Dutch Boy asked me to review their paint last year and the color I picked was actually meant for a friend's living room.  Then I got pregnant and didn't want to paint my friend's room, then they decided they didn't even want to paint themselves.  Ah, what a lazy, lazy crew we were.  So, 'Not So Neutral' from Dutch Boy went up in here, even though I wouldn't have picked it for this room.  Whatever.  Behr Celery Sprig before: 
Dutch Boy Not So Neutral after:
It definitely looks fleshy.  And yet, yellow.  And at night, kind of peanut-buttery.  Eh, it was free paint so we're just working with it.  I will do a real review on the way the paint went on the walls later, after I grovel at Dutch Boy's feet for waiting SO long to do that review!  Next up - a headboard.   
I found this interesting headboard at the Habitat Restore for $35.  I originally wanted to make an upholstered one, but then I looked at my belly and changed my mind.  I decided to do something a little wacky with it, though.  I primed it with rust-colored primer:
Then used Rustoleum 'Paprika' spray paint for a fun red finish.  This was just one coat:
After three coats of spray dried, we drilled new holes that fit our frame, and attached this baby.  
In addition to the new headboard, I happened upon a steal of a deal on a new fuzz-less rug on  I got this 8x10 wool Medallion rug for $138 with free shipping for using my Target card!  Shut the front door.  They still have them online if you want it!     
It's not Pottery Barn quality and there are some dark spots in a couple places, but for the money it's great.  And here you can see how my painting shirt is still mostly covering my big belly.  
Right around the time fabulous blogger and new mommy Kim talked about using this Dwell Studio fabric in her baby's room, I had already purchased the same fabric for this room.  
I just used Stitch Witchery and clips, and also clipped some drapery lining in back to make them a little more full and less light-filtering.  I realize this is a very cheater way to do this, but it works for a seldom-used room.
And here is the completed room.  
Comforter is also Dwell Studio from Target, got that on clearance for $35...yay Target!   Although, I know this thing won't wash well.  It's cheap feeling and the red is certain to bleed.  Hopefully I can figure out how to avoid that.  I used different shams to mix it up a little, but it may be a bit 'pattern overload.'
I do regret that the cool shape of the headboard is so covered by our enormous mattress, but there isn't much I can do about it unless we add some blocks to the bottom.  Oh well.  I still need to find things for the walls and incorporate more navy items, but for now this is done.  I also think that old Target lamp is on it's way out, eventually.  
I would like to get a narrow bench or something for this wall, but I'm in no hurry to find anything.  For now, we have some random chunky candle holders that I sprayed navy and plopped there.  Whoa, I should totally be on Design Star.  Snort.
I love the red, brown, navy scheme....I just need to tweak it until it's perfect.  Oh, and we still need to refinish the floors in here, who knows when that will happen.  That is that.  Now I'm going to do some squats.  


  1. Cute headboard!

    I am so not a fan of the Dwell bedding from Target. We had the bird one and it pilled and bled after the first wash. So disappointing (especially as I didn't get it on clearance).

  2. Very nice! I remember seeing that comforter in Target awhile back and I do really like the design (too bad it's not very good quality).

    And I have to say I can't believe you're still so ambitious this close to your due date! Holy moly. Props to you!

  3. I must say I am impressed with your enthusiasm and hard work when you're due any second! But I also have to say I'm not really understanding the mix of patterns here. Separately I love them all but together? Maybe the addition of more navy will help things make sense? Either way, your home is gorgeous and maybe I'm just not seeing your vision. Can't wait to see the finished nursery :)

  4. Love how the headboard turned out - great punch of colour in the space.

  5. When I read your first line, I groaned a little. Sending you hugs, being ready to go and not having a cooperative baby sucks. My OB swears the only thing that actually works is sex, but by that point... it's the last thing you want to do. I hope he's here soon Sara.

    And I love the headboard. To die for!

  6. Cute guest room! I'm beginning to think I was one lazy pregnant lady. I don't know how you have so much energy!

    Come on baby! If your ob starts talking about induction, ask them to strip your membranes--that's what finally worked for me (after trying all the old wives tales). It also worked for a friend and is so much better than an induction.

  7. Lovely job! Great deal on the rug!!!

  8. It's looking great. That, and you are insane to refresh the room so close to your due date. You are totally more ambitious than I. Although, I never got that crazy nesting instinct that everyone speaks of. Unless lounging on the couch and doing a little hand quilting is nesting. Which I don't think it is.

    The rug and bedspread were a total steal! I love the navy and red together. Actually, since having some of Henry's navy stuff in the living room with the red couch, I've been thinking of investing in some navy shams for the living room, too. It's a great neutral, right. And of course, I love the curtains. They look fab. And I'm kind of kicking myself for not hanging them your way. Because, dude. Blackout lining is a beeeotch.

    I hope you are having that baby, girl! Can't wait to 'meet' him.

  9. PS - forgot to mention the headboard. It looks awesome.

  10. Love the mix of color and pattern. The navy and red hue are so fun. Come on Baby...

  11. Sara, the first time you wash that bedspread, use vinegar instead of fabric softener in your rinse cycle. It will set the color and keep it from bleeding. And it won't smell once it's dry. Promise. ;)

  12. Love the room (before and after, but more after) and love your pic in the previous post. You are one awesome, gung-ho mama. Now come on out, little dude!

  13. That headboard is amazing! I love the shape and the color you chose.

  14. I like the bed, bedspread and curtains but the paint color and the rug don't seem to mesh with me.

  15. I love the Guest Room Redo! My son is going into the Military. He deploys at the end of this month.

    Mommy Tears and then ... hmm, I can decorate his room as a guest room (am I wrong? hahaha)

    Again, Great Job!!


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