Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Three weeks

Hey, remember last week when I said that we had projects we wanted to get done before Shaun went back to work?  Cue maniacal laughter.  He goes back tomorrow and the only project we've successfully completed is not killing each other.  Seriously, the newborn stage is so brutal I often wonder what the heck I've done.  Ashford hates baths, hates diaper changes, hates being awake unless attached to my chest, or unless it's the middle of the night....then he loves to be awake...probably because he's attached to my chest.  Example of our most recent scrub a dub:
While I hate it when he cries, it was still pretty cute!  ps - I love my big kitchen sink
We have lots to do around the house, the garage doors and kitchen bump out (the outside) need to be scraped and painted desperately.  I wasn't able to strike this off the list because I had an important question that couldn't be solved from the couch - which white to use??  
We need at least an hour a day to water the plants and move the sprinkler around for the grass.  That is a major time suck and I don't know if I will be able to keep up with it when Shaun is back at work!  We love our landscaping, but it is a lot of work.
The worst wilters are the hydrangeas, and we have 9...so that is fun on 90 degree days.   
Our den is still a cluster from the kitchen reno, things I don't know if I still want, things I'm not sure where to put, things I don't want to file away and 'deal with'...it is also where the cats hang out a lot because they are afraid of Ashford - ha!
This is also the space where I took all my belly pics during pregnancy, and some of the baby.  The photo studio lights are a Cowboy Studio set from Amazon, and I think they are a great value if you are in the market for some lights!  So...the project I most need to finish, is the stupid kitchen shelves.  
I have lacquered the brackets, but still need to stain a couple edges of the shelves and lacquer them.  I don't know why I'm dragging my feet on these, maybe because I'm worried about hanging such heavy pieces of wood, or drilling into our subway tile, I don't know.  I'm totally wimping out on this last part of our kitchen.  In the meantime, the shelves sit here and I play with the baby while he's not demanding to be fed (which is ALL THE TIME....seriously) and/or being fussy for no apparent reason.  

He's getting so big every day, I just take a million pictures and hope I always remember the good things and forget the irritations.  It's hard to stay mad about urine/poo/spit-up on my shirt, no sleep, and constant feedings when I get to stare at this face.  
Happy 'three week birthday' little boy!


  1. Great pics! I totally feel you on the newborn stage. I rarely had those dreamy moments everyone talked about...I often felt like I had fallen on to another planet. I also had my little guy days before the first snowstorm of a loooong winter in New England stuck inside--and NOT doing projects! Barely making it through the day haha...but as everyone says, it gets better...when they start smiling and giving you feedback (around 6, 8 weeks?) things start to feel like they are turning around. Hang in there!

    Love your big kitchen sink and your relaxing yard. Enjoy and love reading your blog!

  2. I know everyone will say this but IT GETS BETTER! Oh, it really does. And now my little J is 8 months, I'm ready to dive into the newborn phase again with #2 (when it comes) because looking back, it was really, really, really short!

    Maybe invest in a lawn service??? Worth it to save time and to keep your landscaping that you're so proud of??

    And what? You look beautiful! Are you sure you're getting no sleep? ;-)

  3. Hang in there mama! Hudson just turned 3 weeks on Sunday and I feel the same way. Don't get too down on yourself about the projects, you're keeping a human alive (that's what I say to make myself feel better!). Also, we've been using this foam insert for baths. It's like $4 at BRU and it seems to make him feel a little more secure than the big tub. Good luck!

  4. Oh man, reading this post made me remember where I was at a few short weeks ago.

    My little guy was also attached to me 24/7. It was CRAZY. There is a permanent indent on the couch where I sat for 4 weeks straight while feeding him.

    My good friend (the only one I know who stuck out breastfeeding) kept telling me to stick it out until 6 weeks and then everything would get better.

    She was SO right. (Introducing a soother finally at 3 weeks kinda helped, too.)

    My little guy is 8 weeks now and would you believe that yesterday I changed the bedding, put all the clothes away, had a shower, went to the grocery store, put the groceries away, AND got supper ready? I'm still amazed.

    Hang on, girl. A few more weeks and he'll be cooing and smiling (even during baths and diaper changes, true story)!


  5. Sara, Tate turns one tomorrow and I swear I blinked and the time was just gone. Enjoy every second of it... even the irritating parts, a year from now, you won't even remember them.

  6. You are a rock star for even having time to post to your blog! Your little guy is adorable!

  7. oh but look how adorable that baby is! and you! :) it's all worth it!

  8. I won't say it gets "better" but it gets "different" - different worries and different reasons for being up all night :) You are right to cherish this time - I'm with Michelle - I blink and a year goes by - and it only goes faster the older they (and you) get. Snuggle that beautiful baby boy as much as you can. The shelves and the garage door can wait. ;)

  9. Yeah for three weeks! It is amazing what day after day of sleep deprivation will do to you. It is nothing you can ever prepare yourself for and when you are out of it, it won't seem so bad.

    And I also feel you about thinking you are going to have so much time to get things done. Except it takes them an hour to eat...every three hours. Which is more like every 2 hours.

    But you look great and so does he. Hang in there and the hydrangeas will come back no matter what.

  10. I think the first three months are the hardest. Getting a shower or brushing my teeth was an accomplishment. Toss all your undone projects in the garage and revisit in a few weeks. It gets better.

    He is sooooo cute...kinda makes me want another :-)

  11. I swear it gets better. Breakdowns and what did I get myself into totally come with the territory. http://www.balancinghome.com/2012/01/best-day-of-your-life-other-lies.html

    The house stuff will always be there, but he will be 3 before you know it so enjoy all that you can. Keep the updates coming.

  12. It seems weird to say "I remember that phase" when our little dude is only 11 weeks. It won't be long untill he figures out his days and nights, enjoys baths ( or spa time as we call it), enjoys diaper changes (so many smiles really!) and eats at a little more of a reasonable pace. Your so close sometime after 6 weeks things improve. Just keep up the good work mommy (and Daddy)! And don't forget to adjust your own expectations. That was the hardest part (and still is, as it is ongoing) for me.

  13. Aw this brings back memories. I remember Jayden was the same way. Hated baths, hated being awake, that is if it was in the middle of the night, then he was totally down with that. I had a Baby Bjorn and that thing was a life saver. Granted it was a little tough getting some things done when I had this little baby strapped to the front of me, but he loved being in that thing and that close to me and stayed pretty content the whole time he was in it and YES, time flies. 3 weeks already!? Before you know it he will be 4yrs old and running around like a mad man like mine is lol.

  14. Beautiful! Enjoy every single second ... it`s gone much too soon!


  15. Firstly 'Congratulations' I am so sorry that I am 3 weeks late! Ashford is just gorgeous and growing so quickly. Those feeds will eventually slow down and he will just get cuter and cuter! xx

  16. Oh, Sara....he is just beautiful and you are doing some of the hardest work imaginable. Nursing is so hard at first! It's all on you, isn't it? I finally started to like it and then my milk left me at 6 months! Just do what you need to do to make your life easier and most pleasant. Don't worry about all of the other stuff. And when people ask to help, let them help!! It's KEY. Ask them to water your garden. They want to do it!
    Okay, that's all the preaching I will do. My 12 year old was the worst baby ever. She got KICKED OUT of her first daycare for excessive crying. Quite frankly, my husband and I cried excessively, too :) Hang in there.

  17. Oh is he Adorable!! When you think this will be your life forever, it wont. The newborn stage is gone in a flash, really. I often wonder who took my baby...she is six now.

  18. I hear you on the watering thing, I feel like that's all I do is water, we used to get rain here in the midwest right? Limelight hydrangeas are great for not needing water as often. I have eight new plants and can water them every three days, amazing for hydrangeas.

  19. Congratulations again! Ashford is adorable! Really, the fact that you have a to-do list alone during this time is accomplishment enough. The only thing you need to worry about is your boys. Taking pics and sharing them should be the only other thing on your to-do list!

  20. Everyone says it because it's true - you will totally forget the sleepless nights/crying for no reason BS. My son is 9 months (sniff, sniff), and I am totally ready to do it again. Your labor sounds eerily familiar, so I have been hoping for more details - it's good to know that I'm not the only one who felt like I had a crappy labor and recovery (and they tried to keep the baby in the hospital and send me home - NOT happening!) Best of luck! It does get better!

  21. Welcome to parenthood the land of never quite getting it done because someone else now comes before everything...and that's okay because he is your greatest accompolishment! And he's soooooooo perfect to boot!

  22. I know everyone says this...but it DOES get better, it DOES get easier, you WILL miss this stage! eye-chee-wah-wah on the tear...that too will heal and you WILL be back to 'normal' He's an absolute doll...be easy on yourself...there's plenty of time for all the other stuff. :) xoxoxo

  23. Ahh you little baby is so sweet, it gets better!! When I had Avery last Summer it took us around 4wks to get into our groove and I loved it!! I hated baths for like ever, now loves them go figure....

    Be sure and frame the baby pics of you and him :))

  24. Just wanted to resonate everyone else in that it will get easier. Its a tough adjustment I think b/c you still feel like you want/need to get stuff done and they eat all the time so its hard but that will get better too. 3 tips I wanted to share: 1. Use a sling/moby/ergo/bjorn/etc. to keep baby close and get something done that is important to you. Even if its just laundry/straightening up, whatever. It's a lifesaver. 2. Invest in a huge stability ball (like big enough to be comfortable sitting in at a desk). THis is how I was able to get my daughter to sleep, bouncing on that ball wrapped all tight in her miracle blanket. Was the best $30 ever spent. 3. It never really occured to me until someone pointed it out but if you want to get a quick shower or something in, put baby in a bouncy or carseat or something like it where they are strapped in safe but allow you to get a quick shower in or make something to eat or whatever. This was helpful when my husband went back to work. Good luck!

  25. i'm going to number my comment topics b/c it makes me feel like my life is in order (it's so not right now, hello big fail):

    1. I SO know how you feel, S!! It DOES get easier but not gonna lie....when peeps would tell me to enjoy this precious time, it's so short (which is true, yes), I kinda wanted to punch them in the face. I honestly couldn't wait for Q to get more fun,HA! And she totally did, as will Ashford.

    2. Your ginormous sink & gorgeous kitchen have me salivating. Bonus that it fits a baby tub, omg!!!!

    3. I don't think we've mowed in weeks. We have NO landscaping & we STILL can't keep up. I should adding #fail hashtags on this longass comment.

    4. Mind if I recommend my fave white? BM White Dove!! Soft yet clean white. Love.

    5. Take care of yourself too. If you ever need to vent, you know who to hit up. =]

    6. When should we have Quinn & Ashford's betrothal ceremony......you know, only if Ashford is into older women.


  26. I know it's hard, but Ashford is so cute! I can't wait to meet my baby in 7 weeks +/-. I know it will be hard, I know my house will continue to be a disaster area, but I just want to see his little cranky, hungry face! It's good to know that I'm not the only person with unfinished projects and other areas of disarray at home. And I hope everyone is right when they say it gets better!

  27. oh honey! I can practically *hear* how exhausted you are! Hang in there? Take it easy? One hour at a time?

    Nope. I got nothin'.

  28. Oh man, he IS a total cutie! I probably couldn't stay mad, either. About hating baths, I read that before somewhere and their solution was to use warmer water. Turned out, baby just didn't like the temperature :D

  29. swaddle that baby but good. It can be like a miracle. I know it's hot but it works like a dream. Also don't be afraid of pacifiers. Babies don't need to eat all the time they just lie to suck!

  30. Aww... so cranky, but so cute! If it makes you feel any better, my back porch looks a bit like your living room now that we've cleared out our garage. So not only do I get to see a mess out of our dining room window, but my neighbors do too (and I don't have any good excuses).

  31. You'll forget about the I-want-to-scream-at-you-small-baby moments. It gets harder to remember how difficult things are. Hell, I'm actually getting to the point where I could entertain the thought of a 2nd kid (not anytime soon though, thankyouverymuch).

    Keep up the great work!

  32. These days I miss the newborn phase. I'm in the terrible twos and thats exactly what it is. You know they stay it gets better too. Sometimes I wonder who these people are. Lol.

    I just used Gliddens white on white for the trim on my front door. It was the perfect white. I was really pleased with it. Normally I go for Sherwin or Benjamin. If you prefer Benjamin Chantilly lace is great. I used it inside my home.

  33. That pic of you and the baby is SO CUTE and nice. Frame worthy.

    Can't you get more than one sprinkler? What about soaker hoses? Turn them on and let them do the watering.

    Glad you are still finding time to throw a post up once in awhile. You are one of my favorite blogs. I like your style!!

  34. I totally hear you on not getting things done! Easton is 5 weeks and eats every 2 hours during the day (admittedly, I'm feeding him now). Thankfully he's a champion sleeper at night, knock on wood. I can hardly feed myself during the day unless my husband has him. Hopefully he gets more efficient with the feedings soon :)

    He also hates baths and we have the same whale tub! I often wonder if the whale is the problem? That plastic part they sit on seems a bit harsh...

    ps- I had to stop writing this about 10 times to burp, clean up spit up, change a diaper and rescue a fallen pacifier. Even a simple comment takes me an hour to write :)

  35. You made me laugh with the what the heck have I done comment. All parents have felt that way so don't worry! I remember very clearly yelling at my husband we can't give him back so please suck it up! oh the joys. They are more fun but still lots of work when they get older!


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