Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Here's a random post about what's going on with me.  We got a brand new 3.5 ton, 16 SEER Payne A/C unit installed by a friend.  Last night, this was the scene:
I will admit that while our old unit was a beast, I rather liked the low profile and the pretty painted finish that has held up for 3 years.  It was Rustoleum rust-colored spray and Behr 'Sweet Tea' exterior latex paint rolled on top.  There is not one bubble or chip on this unit, so I must have done a good job! 
I was a bit disappointed in how tall the new unit was, but what are you gonna do?  The more energy efficient, the bigger the unit, apparently.  And our house is freezing right now, so it's working like a charm!  (Of course, now I'm turning it off because I'm cheap)
We do have a big space where the new unit doesn't cover the concrete...I'm thinking a custom planter would fill that space nicely.    
I also went and got supplies for the garage doors and other exterior painting that needs to be done.  
Interior/Exterior wood filler, 123 primer, exterior caulk, Sherwin Williams SuperPaint in Extra White, as well as a new scraper, roller cover and 60 grit sandpaper.  (Not so) fun fact, even when all Sherwin paints are 30% off, SuperPaint is still $38 a gallon.  What the heck, is that even legal??  Hopefully it's worth the price when I use it to cover this old wood:
While we haven't had rain for weeks and we really need it, it's going to work out well for this project, I guess.  When I'm able to get around to it...fussy butt doesn't give me much time for anything during the day.  
Wouldn't you know, when I want to take pictures of him 'not giving me any time to do stuff' he chooses to sleep and not wake up.  
Well, he kind of opened his eyes for this one, but I think he would've flipped off the camera if he knew how.  Update on me...I'm feeling so much better at 5 weeks postpartum.  I no longer have pain and itching, but I'm still not riding a bike anytime soon.  I've dropped 19 pounds and have about 15 more to go.  I've showered and put on makeup every single day I've been home on maternity leave.  I also make sure my toes are painted and looking nice.  This week's color is Orly 'Hot Shot'...ooh la la!
It may sound silly, but when you're living in nursing tanks and stretchy bottoms because none of your shorts fit, feeling good in other ways is totally necessary!  Ok, I'm off to take funny pictures of my sleeping baby instead of doing things like laundry, dishes, dusting, watering the plants, etc....
Domo attacks!!


  1. You'll appreciate the new unit when you get your first utility bill. Well, unless you're like me and run it more because it's cheaper now... =)

  2. Nice unit. That's what she said.

    Adorable baby, naturally. Fussy babies unite! Do you have a swing? Sounds like you're recovering super well. I had itching a few weeks past the 5 week mark. Ugh. I had blocked that out.

  3. You nails: amazing :) That color is foxy

  4. You guys both look great!

    If you do put some sort of planter beside the AC unit be sure to leave enough space for air flow - don't want to mess with the efficiency!

  5. the new unit looks so much better. If you keep the unit running it actually costs less than turning it on and off... if your cheap keep it running just turn the temp up.

  6. yay a/c! and cute babies!

    glad you are feeling better!

  7. yay for the AC! Nice toes. Nice baby :-)

  8. Why oh why are those uAC so tall now??? We had to replace the heat mp in our old townhouse a few years back. Unfortunately, the unit was so darned big, it could no longer fit where the old unit was (under our deck withn that incidentally spanned the entire length of our house). So, we had to run a long pipe 15 feet from our house to just past our deck, ripe our our built in flower boxes and build a new place for the new AC unit. What a nightmare that was. BUT, at least it cool the house!

  9. I also wanted to add that I cannot get over how fantastic you look after only 5 weeks! Ashford is (of course) adorable too.

  10. Ashford is so handsome! He is just as handsome as your amazing husband. You real cute too!

  11. Your little guy is so cute. And you look awesome, momma. Glad you are both doing well and I'm happy you have a new air unit. I'm doing some exterior painting this weekend, too. Finally working on those porch railings. Must get them done before returning to work in 3 weeks. You'll be glad you sprung for the paint. That's what we used on the siding and it's seriously awesome paint and has held up amazingly. Worth the price. But it is a huge expense, right?

  12. He sure is cutie! I've been telling Dave I'm so proud of myself for showering everyday of this maternity leave--it really is the little things. : )

  13. You're dressed. I'm impressed enough.


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