Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6 months

Our baby is half a year old.  It really doesn't seem like it's been that long, but here he is looking all big. 
At his 6 month doctor visit, he was 15 lbs 15 oz and 27 inches long.  He's skinny, but strong.  He is now 'scooting' across the floor and crawling!  He is slow and shaky, it is hilarious to watch.  Curiously, he can't sit up unassisted yet, but I think it's because he's always on the go.  Who has time to sit around?
He makes some goofy faces and I love capturing them every day.  Boo!
A note about sleep...we had a tough time getting him on a schedule.  In my last update I mentioned that a couple days after he turned 5 months old, he just magically started sleeping 7 to 6am.  I think he was just 'ready.'  However, we did let him cry to teach him how to soothe himself, and we also carefully watched for his sleep cues to figure out when bedtime was.  As soon as he started rubbing his eyes, he was put in his crib.  Bedtime usually happens between 6:45 and 7:30pm.  In case you are interested, he naps from 9-11am and 1-4pm at daycare, not as long on the weekends.  Kid loves to sleep!  At night, he will sometimes wake up once, but cries briefly and falls back to sleep.  
He's not a big fan of solids yet.  He will eat purees, but hates rice cereal and oatmeal.  Fortunately, I don't really care if he eats cereal, and probably won't be buying any more.  I've been trying to give him finger foods a la Baby Led Weaning, but the only thing he seems to like is bread.  Yep, must be my kid.  Carb addict.  
I tried a new perspective with the photos this month, and I love these through-the-crib shots!
We have a thumb-sucker.  I'm trying to discourage it during the day, but at night I pretty much love that it keeps him happy and helps him fall asleep.  Is that terrible?  
We had another milestone last week - he fell off our bed.  I had no idea he could crawl backwards off the edge (from the middle!), so it was totally heartbreaking when I looked up from my laundry sorting to see him laying on the rug screaming after a terrible thump.  I guess I've learned my lesson.     


  1. I did a happy dance when my first kiddo found her thumb since that was the only thing that soothed her. Of course, now it's almost four years later and she's still sucking her thumb. Argg! I still think it was worth it though. I may feel differently when we get her orthodonist bill though!

  2. He's so sweet! I'm so glad the nighttime sleeping routine has settled down. That's the point where you start to come out of the haze of new-parenthood and start to think maybe you can do this thing after all.

  3. I remember when my neighbor called me -- the crazy, childless friend -- bawling when her daughter fell off the bed. She was devastated. I asked, "Is she crying?"


    "Is she bleeding?"


    "Is she conscious?"

    "Yes" *sniffle*

    "Then I think you're more traumatized than she is."

    The good news is, new babies are designed to survive new parents. That's the beauty of life. :)

  4. I think every new parent experiences the "fall". No one likes discussing it so when it happens we feel awful.

  5. Both my girls found their thumbs very early - I'm convinced that's why they slept so well at night at such a young age :) And unfortunately, we've all had the baby fall off the bed/couch/chair so you're in good company. That wasn't nearly as horrifying as when she fell down the stairs (yes, that happened). Luckily babies bounce.

  6. Totally been there with the baby falling out of the bed...our son co-slept with us and fell out one morning when I was up early. He landed on our hardwood floor and broke his collarbone. :( That ended the co-sleeping. We have had him in his own bed with a bedrail since then!

  7. Totally been there with the baby falling out of the bed...our son co-slept with us and fell out one morning when I was up early. He landed on our hardwood floor and broke his collarbone. :( That ended the co-sleeping. We have had him in his own bed with a bedrail since then!

  8. He's too much.
    Those eyes. That face. AHhhhh!

  9. His eyes!!! He's so adorable!

    I feel you on the mobile baby - so scary! P hasn't fallen off our bed (yet!) but launches himself off the couch pretty much daily and gives me a heart attack every time. He's getting so fast with crawling now and we can barely keep up!

    Enjoy your first Christmas with the baby boy!!

  10. Oh my goodness! Those eyes! You've already got a little lady killer. He's adorable. We've got a thumb sucker, too. I hate to think how weaning him from it will go. At least he's finding a way to soothe...

  11. Could he be any cuter? I really think he's grown a lot this month. And I love that he scoots. Henry just likes to roll around.

    Also, you know how I feel about the thumb-sucking. If he starts killing small animals, then I'll tell you to worry. ;)

  12. He is so CUTE! Wouldn't worry about falling off the bed... both of my kids have done that. My son had fallen off every piece of cushy furniture in our house by the time he was 6 months. Needless to say, I was really happy when he started walking and talking :)

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  14. He's so sweet! I like the crib-perspective photos. Hooray for skinny babies! My son is 5 months old and weighs 12 pounds. We need to fatten him up a bit before we start solids. I've read that cereals aren't necessary and I'm planning to start with vegetable purees.

    Crawling already?! Wow! I hope you have baby gates!

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