Sunday, December 9, 2012

Making labels

Yesterday Shaun decided he wanted to make cookies.  From scratch, with the oldest baking essentials in the world, because I don't bake and there is no need to have fresh flour or brown sugar in our house.  I think our Baking Soda was from two years ago.  Along with the old products, there were old labels on my Tupperware containers that bothered me every time I saw them.  I promise that is not the reason I don't bake.  I don't bake because I'm lazy, AND I must eat all sweets in my general vicinity.  
The old labels were return address ones that I wrote on with a Sharpie.  Not very cute.  I decided after we bought new essentials at the store, that I would not put them into the containers until I had new labels.  So I went to the computer and drafted up some new ones in PowerPoint.  
The little pics are a font called 'Sugar Coma' from, the text is 'Upper East Side' from dafont.  I wish I had some cuter paper, but I just used what I had...some dark blue-violet printer paper.  
I used my paper cutter to slice and dice, then ran them through my most favorite crafty device ever.  The Xyron create-a-sticker!
It is my favorite of the three crafty things I own: Xyron, glue gun, paper cutter.  Oh, and I have a hole punch.  So, I have four things.  It is the best of the four things.  Although, the paper cutter is pretty nice.  And I do love my glue gun.  Just forget I said anything.  So, I stuck all the label strips through the Xyron and they came out in this nice long strip of sticker. 
Then I just peeled them off the backing and stuck them on the containers.  
And here they all are in their home above the frig.  
I still have that other small one that I'm not sure what to do with.  It could maybe hold chocolate chips, but I don't think those would last long enough in our house to have a dedicated container.  I don't LOVE the new labels, I wish I'd used white paper or a patterned one from Michaels instead of the colored, but that adhesive is permanent - so I'm just living with it until I feel like soaking them off.  Which means, they are probably on there indefinitely.  Anyway, here are the cookies Shaun made, which are probably the best homemade chocolate chip cookies I've ever tasted.  
They are soft, chewy, thick, dense, and full of chocolate chips.  Delicious.  I've had four already.  The recipe is here.  


  1. I love my xyron too! I bought it after seeing you make adhesive-backed ribbons for your wedding!

  2. Yum, I need a husband that bakes. Until then I will just settle for one that grills. I think your labels are cute and you are too organized for words.

  3. oh now I need a Xyron!

    Don't worry about the colour, at least you are now organized and have fresh baking ingredients.


  4. You could use the little container for baking soda or baking powder, in case he wants another type of recipe like cake or something. Great job!

  5. I think the labels turned out great! Way better than the original and you're a step ahead of me. Awesome idea.


    I'd love it if you would check out my tutorial on STAMPS. :)

  6. Wow! You are way more organized than me, my baking supplies are just sort of shoved into the cabinet. I managed to get the flour and sugar into glass containers, but everything else is just haphardly tossed into the pantry.

    Also, if you guys are baking, I highly suggest the Betty Crocker Mint Chocolate Chip cookie recipe. It is sooooo good, and green for Christmas :)

  7. You mean baking soda doesn't stay fresh for a lifetime? Crap.

  8. a husband that makes cute babies AND chocolate chip cookies? WIN.


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