Saturday, January 19, 2013

7 months and life stuff

Hello. My name is Sara, and I used to run this home renovation blog when I wasn’t at my day job. Now, my 'spare' time is spent following around a baby and wondering what kind of Twilight Zone I’m in where weekends are over in .2 seconds and my house is a constant disaster.  Since Ashford started crawling and cutting teeth last month, I’ve been finding it very hard to do anything but entertain him. Pick up his dropped toys. Pull him away from the cable boxes for the thousandth time. Patiently try to get him to eat solids day after day. Try to make his teeth feel better. Plead with him to sleep when I know he is tired, but he wants to play. Try to hold him down long enough to change his diaper.  He is so beautiful and funny and makes me want to implode from cuteness overload. But, I’m tired.  I just don’t feel like doing anything but sitting around when he’s sleeping.  Damn Netflix is not helping!

Our house is not changing.  We recently threw in the towel on adding shoe molding to the upstairs hallway. The trim was laying in the hallway for months, we finally gave up and moved it down to the basement because we knew it wouldn’t get done anytime soon.  I also found my favorite paintbrush wrapped in plastic and rock-hard in the frig.  I had put it in there when I was touching up the kitchen walls a couple months ago, and I straight up forgot it was in there.  So.  Home project fails aside, Ashford is growing ever more cute and hilarious.  He turned 7 months on Jan 5th and weighed in at 17 pounds when I did the very scientific 'weigh myself holding him and then weigh myself alone' method.  Quickest 17 pounds I ever lost!
He has hit a million milestones over the last few weeks. He started crawling 'for real' December 18th, sitting unassisted December 25th, going from sitting to crawling and vice versa by December 28th, first tooth December 29th (now there are two!), started doing this funny 'downward dog' pose on January 4th...
Then he started clapping on January 5th, and the finale - on January 13th I found him in his crib, standing up and smiling at me in his sleep sack.  
We have since lowered the crib.  He's also pulling up on furniture now.  This kid is not content to just sit around, he wants to be moving at all times.  Thankfully, he loves his exersaucer and jumperoo.  Mommy needs uninterrupted wine time.   
He's still sleeping 7:30pm to 6am for the most part, unless he's fighting bedtime or having a random wake up at 3am (which we usually ignore, by the way).  I'm so grateful for his nighttime sleeping habits.  He is still not a good napper at home, though.    
He doesn't love eating solids, he hates the feeling of even the smallest chunks going near his throat and gags a lot.  I gave up on the finger foods and he is only getting purees.  Hopefully he will find it fun to feed himself soon! 
We are really enjoying seeing him get bigger, laugh more, notice new things, and other fun stuff.  Now if he could just help us with some house stuff, we'd be in business.  Until then, he will earn his keep being a model for adorable photos. 
Have a great weekend!


  1. The great thing about RSS is that we'll still be here if you start writing again. Wine, Netflix, and your baby are excellent priorities.

  2. That photo of your little guy standing up in his crib is priceless! Glad to hear that he and you all are doing well. I consider the excessive watching of Netflix "doing well", naturally. :) It's weird how time speeds up with a baby in the home... months whiz by and then you look around and say, "What the heck have I been doing? Nothing?" but you know your days have been busy and full. It's like being in a time machine! Kisses to the little guy from my little girl :)

  3. We're all still here, and will continue to be - enjoy this time (even as difficult as it is!) - it'll pass SO fast you won't believe it!

  4. I consider the 1st year "survival mode". You just gotta do whatcha gotta do! That was my motto :)...still is, actually. Enjoy these moments with him...the rest can wait. Okay, I think I'd better start taking my own advice! :-)

  5. Oh my gosh girl. No wonder you are exhausted. He's on the move. We just lowered the crib today after a similar situation with standing up. I love Ash's face in the crib. Like, hey ma, look what I can do. I'm praying Henry never crawls or walks. Or at least, gives me a little more time. I really thought that he'd just skip crawling since he has no interest in anything but standing. But now he's army crawling a lot so I guess I'd better baby proof.

    Also, why does the weekend go by in like 3 seconds? I always have plans that never get done.

    RIP paint brush. You had a good life and you'll be missed.

  6. the house will always be there, with things needing to be done. But Ashford will only be a baby once.

  7. With my second, I got so frustrated because she was anti-chunks too. She did okay with baby food (not great) and refused finger food for the longest time. I thought she would be picky and this would constantly be a challenge. She is 20 months old and LOVES food! Not picky at all, thank god. I think it just took longer for her gag reflex to go away. Anyways, thought I would shares, since every little thing makes us worried as moms. He is pretty cute. Enjoy, they get more independent quickly and time to get projects done sneaks in.

  8. Megan, thank you so much! That makes me feel SO much better.

  9. That is one seriously cute kid. And don't sweat the home improvement stuff - these years go by sooo fast. Honestly my daughter was three and then I blinked and a decade went by. She'll be 13 next month and I have NO IDEA where the time went, and it only goes faster and faster. Enjoy your baby.

  10. Holy milestones! Way to go, A! Theron is still refusing to crawl but wants to walk {with our assistance} everywhere! He's waving bye-bye but has no interest in clapping. Oh, and Theron gags at solids, too. I told him he can't eat purees forever. Ha. He'll see about that, I'm sure!

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  12. It does get better/easier etc.! Not that things are not good now, but when Carter was his age we were right there with you with no DIYing whatsoever. Now we are DIYing again- at a slower pace than in our childless days-but it is still happening nonetheless. Not having time to blog about it, but that is another story for another day. So enjoy him and all that yummy cuteness and we will all be here when/if you get back to it. Or you can just post baby pics too because that also makes my day.

  13. Time for an update! We miss you!


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