Monday, April 15, 2013

10 months

Ashford turned 10 months old on the 5th. 
He has two more top teeth coming in, which brings his grand total to 6.  He has also eaten all the paint off his pretty white crib.  I got this just in time to not prevent the damage.  Luckily, it works, and I guess I can always touch up the crib later.  Grumble grumble.
This kid has been all over the place, non-stop.  He is able to walk with a walker toy, stand without holding on, and crawls and scoots on his knees so fast!  He also loves to randomly cry for no apparent reason, and has started crying when other people hold him.  Boo.
We have started adding some formula to his bottles so I can pump less.  He hasn't been that interested in nursing (and loves to bite!), so it seemed natural to stop that at this point.  I'm sad about it, but I will still be pumping for a while, and he will have my milk until he's 1.  It was a good run.     
Unfortunately, he still doesn't like to eat solids, whether it's purees, pasta, fruits, meat, you name it.  I joke that I will have to give this kid formula until he's 2 because he won't eat anything.  I joke in a sad, defeated way.  I hope he comes around, we are both tired of wrestling with him over food!  At least he still loves baths.
So, that is the kid in a nutshell.  Keeping us on our toes, and keeping me from wasting the day by sleeping past 6am.  Ever.   
I am taking him to swim lessons this Saturday, I can't wait!  Although, I'm less than thrilled to get myself into a suit.  I did find one that flatters my 'still 5 pounds to lose' bod, though...just in case you are looking!  


  1. He is so adorable--those eyes, that hair!

    Tess chomped her way through the paint on her crib. When I sold it on CL I described it as "well-loved."

    My oldest is 7 and still gets up at 5:45 every. single. day. :-)

  2. So handsome! Wow, he really is quite the looker!

    Parenting is rough, right?! Every kid has got their thing that is a challenge. I was always told that my kiddo's challenges as babies would be what makes them amazing as they get older. With my 3.5 year old, I'm just starting to see the truth in that statement and know that it is just the beginning.

    In the same way you have powered through some pretty incredible house renovation projects, I'm sure you will do a great job raising Ash into a perfect little man ... who will eventually eat solid foods!

  3. Awfuly cute ... getting to be a little boy!

  4. I hope you have fun at swim lessons! We took Henry for two weeks before he got a string of ear infections that kept him home. That was money well spent. Grumble grumble. ;)

    Love that little guy's eyes. Just a cutie pie. Hope he eats real food soon. I swear they do that stuff to keep us on our toes and show us who's in charge. We know. The baby is TOTALLY in charge.

  5. He's gorgeous!

    And congrats on breastfeeding for 10 months. That is a huge accomplishment!


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