Monday, June 3, 2013

Little things

We have done a few things around the house.  In April I got an email from Rejuvenation about an outdoor sale.  I'd had my eye on their Porcelain Tile House Numbers, and the 15% sale brought them down to $65, so I got them.  Of course now the normal price for 4 numbers is $65, story of my life.  Here is the awful before with a dirty piece of wood and unevenly spaced numbers:
And several hours later we finally got the new numbers installed.  Let's just say the mortar was not cooperating and neither was Ashford.  
I love them, although the tiles themselves are a little too ivory next to our white door and window. A problem I can easily overlook! 
We also hung up a chalkboard in the kitchen.  I had been saying I would DIY one or paint the wall with chalkboard paint and frame it out, but I never did Shaun finally just bought one at TJ Maxx because he really wanted one.  We use it to keep track of his travel dates, it's so convenient.  And we also used it for this:
Technically, Ashford isn't 1 until Wednesday, but we had a nice party for him last Saturday.  More to come on that later!  One last 'little' thing we've done....
We got all of the tiles and drywall off the ceiling, had 9 new can lights installed, and got some of the drywall off the walls.  Now we just need a miracle to finish the rest.    


  1. is that your basement? if so, i am jealous! what a great space! well, has potential to be a great space :-)

  2. BASEMENT PROGRESS!!! Awesome! :)

  3. The little things make a huge difference! And I can't believe he is one already...Happy Birthday Ashford!

  4. I always put off the little projects until never. Which is why my back door and garage entry door are still not painted. Ha!

    I love the tile numbers and I'm totally impressed by the basement progress.

  5. Ashford is one--that's crazy! Time is flying. He's looking so adorable.

    What room is that? The basement?

  6. I know your will turn that basement in to a really great room.

  7. Happy birthday, Ashford!! and woah....good luck with that "little" project! :)


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