Sunday, July 7, 2013

Catch up

So many things have happened in the last month!  Our baby turned 1, and we had a party.  It was exhausting!
I was attaching tissue poms to the ceiling way too late the night before.  There was an emergency trip to (multiple) Walgreens to buy command strips because I couldn't get push pins into the plaster ceiling to save my life.  They looked really cute, though.
The birthday boy was mostly in good spirits.
Until we did the cake, when this happened. 
I have a child that hates cake.  If I wasn't there when he was born, I'd say he wasn't mine.      The cake itself turned out exactly as I wanted it.  I had a very detailed color-coded print out of what I wanted it to look like, and the bakery made this control-freak mama extremely happy!  (Me: "Those are circles, NOT is very important that you write 'circles, not balloons' on the order, please."  Employee:  "Um, ok.")    
I also spent hours crafting a bunch of crap because I felt the pressure of other blog moms and of course stupid Pinterest...let me show you all the nonsense I wasted my life on.  First, I made 7 strands of felt-circle garland that are still hanging up because I can't bear to take them down after all that work.
Then I cut out my favorites from each of Ashford's monthly photos and hot glued this crazy photo bunting thing that instantly curled up from the horrid, swamp-ass-inducing humidity.  Of course.  
If you can get past the curly photos, it did turn out pretty cute.  And yes, it is still hanging up a month later.  For full disclosure, I took this photo on July 3rd.  Dork!
I made a little door sign with leftover felt circles and card stock.  
And I also made goody bags for the kids with scrapbook paper tie and bow tie toppers.  I was so proud of these, and only a few kids actually showed up.  Oh well, more chalk and yo-yos for us. 
Here is the adorable invite I made at Tiny Prints.  I love their stuff!  (ps - don't send me spam emails)  
And that about sums up the party.  I am glad we survived!  Since I'm way behind, here are my favorite shots from his 12 month photos...
He is walking exclusively, has said 'mama' to me exactly ONE time, and has the cutest baby mullet that I refuse to cut.  He weighed just 18 lbs 12 oz at his one year appointment (only 6 oz more than his 9 month!), so we have been trying to up his calories by giving him greek yogurt and more protein.  Such a picky eater!
It seems to be working, he has already gained a pound in the last month.  
He is a happy, skinny baby. 
In other news, I have been extremely busy at work.  I like to say I've been 'working like it's my job.'  We have done nothing further with the basement, and I also have not touched the closet in our bedroom.  However, I turned 34 on June 20th, so I get a pass for being old.  


  1. He's such a cutie!! I'm dying over his smile! Yay for surviving the 1st year! & 1st Birthday parties ARE so exhausting!! :)

  2. Hooray! He looks so damn cute :)

    Want to know something pathetic? Zoe just turned one month and I'm already stressed out about her first birthday party and all the "blog mom"/Pinterest pressure too. I'm a loser. You did a fabulous job and all that matters is he was happy and you and Shaun are proud and happy :) He's a cutie!

  3. Good catch up .... but don't give in to the blog mom/pinterest pressure.

    Happy Birthday Ashford.

  4. He's really SO cute! As the mom of 3 "skinny" babies - they're a whole lot lighter to carry around...AND they're all doing great at 26, 30 and 34!

  5. Happy birthday Ashford! And congrats S for making it one year :-)

    I love the stuff you did for the party - even better was the commentary. I totally get the blog=land pressure (that we put on ourselves) to keep up with these perfectly coiffed parties. Ahem. Look at Luca's party. haha My bunting got ruined in the rain too! So funny!

  6. Such a Cutie! Kudos to you for putting that part together. Love the decorations!

  7. If it makes you feel better, my daughter turned 1 in December and I STILL have the cute bunting up that I did for her about laziness!

  8. happy birthday to you and your boy! he is adorable!!! sawyer was not much of a cake eater either... strange boys!!

  9. I can't believe he is one already. I love the super cute party details. And I know what you mean...for Carter's two year party I keep saying to myself "low-key". But then I keep thinking we should be doing more. Oh the pressure. What helps is looking back I don't think I ever had a theme to my parties growing up. Or if I did I don't remember them. What I remember is looking forward to having fun with my family and friends. That is what I keep telling myself.

  10. Yay! You made it a year! I hope there was champagne, you know we were totally toasting at Hudson's party. Haha! I feel you on the party decor. I still have the garland from Hudson's party up in his room. Damn you Pinterest! :)

  11. You are hilarious! And love your honesty. I feel the same way with my daughter and the pressure I always feel since she was born...thanks to pinterest, FB, etc.
    The bunting banner is a great idea! So cute!

  12. Love this post.. I felt the same pressure at my baby's 1st party and failed badly and didn't even blog about it. So you rock compared to me! :) On to more important things - congratulations on making year 1 and have fun!! I like the second year much better!

  13. I love the colors and all the little touches. The poms are ridiculously cute!

    Happy Birthday A!!! I can't freaking believe he's a year old.

  14. Pinterest pressure!! haha. It all turned out great!!

  15. What a cute party! I feel you on feeling the pressure from pinterest and other blogging moms on all the creative details - I wasted quite a bit of time on things that no one cared about, including about 50 hand cut mustaches for my paper straws, of which maybe 5 people used. Anyway, he's adorable, and I can't believe how fast a year flies with the little ones. Before we know it they will be going to kindergarten, then graduating high school and getting married. Yikes!

  16. I can't believe that cutie is one! Congrats, momma! You survived year one! : )

  17. Happy Birthday to Ashford... And to you! The party decorations are great, I love them.


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