Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bathroom redo

I feel a little strange still posting about the Russet street home now that we don't live there anymore, but I realized that I never showed you the main bathroom since that post back in 2012 when I said that before I went back to work from maternity leave I would be painting our bathroom.  BAHAHAHAHA!  I never did that.  But I did do it last fall, and never told you.  The Behr Swiss Coffee I was contemplating worked great with the tile.  
The previous cabinet was cosmetically unattractive, lots of missing paint and dings.  The counter top was also, um....terrible.  I had spray painted that old laminate top back in 2009 and while it held up surprisingly well with daily use, it was time to go.  
We got a new black laminate top from Home Depot with a pretty beveled edge, and a Kohler Archer drop in sink....this sink is huge and I loved it!
When we got the Kohler Memoirs faucet I've had for years installed, it was looking great! 
I spent some quality time with wood filler, sandpaper, BIN and the Swiss Coffee paint....and the vanity was looking new again.  
I also upgraded the outlet switch plates on either side of the main cabinet to chrome...little things like that really made a big difference.  
I used the same fabric from the walk in closet window to make a curtain in here, the black ribbon is just tied around the fabric to tie in all the black in the room.  I love that fabric, it just works so well in here with the color and the vintage print.   
I also replaced the plastic towel bar on the back of the door with a nice chrome one.    
The orange Threshold towels from Target match the fabric color perfectly, another reason why Target is a minimum $100 store for me!  Overall, I am very happy with the way the bathroom turned out.  I'm glad we got to enjoy it for 5 months before we sold.
I will surely miss that vintage tile!  

Update:  The bank has extended our closing date to May 28th while they work on getting bids for the roof replacement on our Eagan home.  The roof must be done before closing, and barring any weird turn of events, Fannie Mae has accepted that they have to replace the roof.  YAY for a new roof, BOO for living in my parent's basement for three more weeks!  I hope they let me pick the color of the shingles...


  1. SO glad they are replacing the roof - I would ask if you can pick the colors, can't hurt right? They may have a price point in mind but surely there are a few options in your price point!

    This bathroom is awesome. As soon as I saw the tile I swooned. The downside to purchasing a newer home (from the 1990's) there's little vintage charm which I love. I guess that is the tradeoff for getting a home that's all up to date, right? I guess something had to give. My next home, I hope will be a fixer upper, and one I can have fun like this in. For now, being a first time owner, I'm going to be OK with just paint and small changes! :)

  2. That looks so awesome!

    I will keep my fingers crossed that they let you pick the shingle color :)

  3. I'm happy to hear they're going to replace the roof! Congrats on that. I hope they let you pick the shingle colour too! Something tells me banks don't care too much about aesthetics..
    And your bathroom makeover looks great! I especially love the big new sink and faucet

  4. see if you can go with high-impact shingles. They're guaranteed for at least 40 years AND they'll give you a nice reduction on your home owners insurance. You may have to pay for the upgrade to them, but they are well worth it! (especially if you live anyplace where it hails)

  5. It really looks awesome. I love the mixture of colors you chose - you always have a way of bringing colors together I'd never have considered.

  6. I am kind of shocked HOW much of a difference that one small change made in that room. Counter, sink, and paint and it looked like it took 30 years off the room. The vintage tile just pops.

    Good news on the roof!!


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