Thursday, May 29, 2014


I really can't even explain how I'm feeling right now.  We have been on the most ridiculous roller coaster ride with this dumb house that I sort of hate now because of all the bullshit.  Let me give you a quick rundown of the last day of my life - this is funny as long as you're not me.  

Wednesday 3:50pm: Shaun rides by the house in MN and nobody is working on the damn roof.  It was supposed to be done Tuesday, then they said 'bright and early Wednesday!', then it changes to Thursday because 'Home Depot dropped the ball on the shingle order.'  Didn't they know they didn't have the shingles on Tuesday evening when they promised 'bright and early' on Wednesday?  

Wednesday 4:40: our realtor's coworker (our realtor is on vacation) calls me and I mention that we can't close on Friday because of the roof.  I knew they needed time between roof completion and closing to get the title released on the property due to the repair or the roof.  This guy agrees and says he will try to secure a new closing date.  My mom cancels her plans to have off of work Thursday and Friday to come up with us.  We are sad.  Shaun emails our movers to tell them they cannot deliver our furniture on Monday the 2nd.  Very sad.

Wednesday 4:48: our realtor calls from her vacation to tell me that YES INDEED we can close on Friday afternoon, right after the roof is done.  That our mortgage lender and relo company and Fannie Mae all want this deal done before the end of the month, no exceptions!  Um, ok.  Not sure how, but I'll go with it.  So I call my mom and tell her we are on for Friday afternoon closing.  Shaun emails the movers again and says Just Kidding, we can get our furniture after all.  

Wednesday 5:56: our realtor's coworker calls and leaves a voicemail saying he called the closing agent and they don't know how we expect them to release a clear title on the house and get a wire confirmation for the funds after 3pm on a Friday, yada yada.  BAHAHAHA, are you freakin kidding me?  I knew they needed time to check the roof, and he even said on the phone 'You were right the first time.'  Who is the expert here?!

Who is the expert here?!

Now it is 1pm on Thursday, I have no idea if I'm driving up to MN tomorrow, Shaun has no idea if he should drive back to WI or stay up there, our movers have no idea if they can deliver our furniture, etc etc.  


Here is the entire kringle I bought for myself so I can properly eat my feelings. 
And here is a picture of my kid strutting down the road in a diaper, socks and sandals because it makes me laugh and I need it.  


  1. enjoy your kringle and your diapered boy in socks and sandals- you need it and deserve it. and maybe get a bottle of wine to go with your kringle.

  2. I'm sorry, but I think things will work just sadly take way long than expected, but at least you get to enjoy the kringle, which until today I've never heard of, is it a Midwest thing?

    And little boys in diapers are the best thing ever! lol


  3. oooohh...Kringle....I love the almond flavor. I hope it all works out sooner rather than later and we can eat some kringle together!

  4. UGH, nothing is more annoying than the whole freaking HURRY UP AND WAIT thing with closing on a home, but what's worse is you can't even depend on the CLOSING DATE to stay the same.

    I'm so sorry girl!!! I hope it all shapes up ASAP!!!!

  5. I'm so sorry...please don't hate your house - hate the incompetence of people who don't take care of business!

  6. That totally fucking sucks ass. I'm so sorry :( But Ashford does look incredibly adorable stomping down the street :)

  7. I agree w/ Cassie. This totally calls for wine. I hope it all works out wonderfully (& quickly)!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  8. OMG! Kringle!!! I mean OMG, your house closing fiasco!!!

  9. yikes - we had something similar with our first house and the air conditioning (asked for ac to be installed by seller, house wouldn't appraise high enough without ac, couldn't get the re-appraisal done in time for closing...) it all worked out in the end, so i believe that there is hope for you too!! good luck, and try not to stress too much :)

  10. Wait - did they at least do the color shingles that you had picked out a few weeks ago??

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  12. oh that sucks. Fingers crossed it works itself out quickly.


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