Friday, September 3, 2010

Ta ta for now

Despite my hatred for airports, crowds, hotel staff, overpriced drinks and packing 20 outfits for a 5 day trip (I'm a terrible overpacker), we will be flying to Vegas tomorrow for a Labor Day getaway.  That being said, things will be very quiet around here.  I could set some posts to publish automatically, but that would involve creating posts ahead of time which doesn't happen around here.  Instead, we will be sitting at the Flamingo GO pool with drinks in our hands and not a care in the world. 
And I will look like this while lounging there:
BWAHAHA!  OK, moving on....we have been working on a project in the future den/tv room for a little while.  It involves this back wall that I never fully showed in pics before: 
There is a reason we didn't paint it back in March.  I'll be back next weekend with some deets!  Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!


  1. Enjoy your vacation and have fun in Vegas --- its super hot there right now!

  2. Have a great time & have a fancy foo-foo drink for each of us!

  3. cool! Looking forward to it! Have a great vaca!!!

  4. If you see the Badger's play, do a little extra Jump Arounds for me. Dh is on a flight for the game, and I am uber jealous. Have fun!

  5. Have fun. If you ever figure out how not to overpack, do tell, cause I am in the same boat.

  6. Vegas?! Fun!!!

    Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us when you get back...


    p.s. I never create posts ahead of time either. Though maybe I should, because I would probably benefit from editing myself a bit. Or a lot.

  7. I am sure you are having a super awesome fun time with the hubby!

    I tried to take the Mr. to Vegas for a short vacay for his birthday and he was all "Why?" Um. Ok. How about Mexico? "No thanks". What a freak.

  8. Sounds so fun! Hope you had a great time (overpacked, overpriced and all). ;)

  9. so how was the trip? i always overpack ... what? is there something wrong with wanting choices? HA!


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