Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to me

First of all, Merry Christmas to you all!  Is it wrong to post about house stuff on Christmas?  I hope not, because I'm going to.  A couple weeks ago, I got myself the best Christmas present.  I hired my talented cousin Randy Reblin to finish the baseboard and crown molding on our long-awaited built-in bookcase.  Before he worked his magic, it looked like this:
We didn't have the proper tools to continue our crown and base trim and have them look nice.  For one thing, we couldn't find the same molding profile anywhere.  My cousin has a carpentery business and he is AMAZING with trim. On one happy Wednesday, this is what I came home from work to see!
Check this out!
Randy and his helper matched it up perfectly.
I was so excited that I immediately started getting my BIN primer mixed up.
And here it is all painted!
The last thing we needed to do is finish the rough edge of the 'countertop' piece.  It had been cut down, and the cut end was not very pretty.  
We just used these 3/4 inch square pieces for the finishing edge. 
Here is is all attached.  I like that it is both finished-looking, and adds a little extra shelf space. 
Everything is primed, painted, and set up.  Next week I will finally show the finished 'woman cave'!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and holiday!


  1. Looks amazing and yes, it's great to see house stuff on Christmas!!

  2. Looks awesome Sara! It's NEVER wrong to post house stuff... EVER! Hope you have a great Christmas!

  3. So beautiful! This is exactly what we want to do in our kids school room. Awesome inspiration.

  4. I need a Santa/cousin like this guy! They look gorgeous!

  5. Nothing like having family hook-up! Can't wait to see the finished product - it already looks amazing in its unfinished state.

  6. Great job - from a new follower!

  7. WOW.


    That looks AMAZING.

    Boozie Susie would be SO CONFUSED.

  8. Wow, this thing is a work of art! That trim really brings it up an extra notch!!

  9. If I had awesome built-in bookcases like these, I'd post about them on Christmas too! The trimwork looks so good. I can't wait to see everything all put together!

  10. This is gorgeous. I love how you incorporated the trim and the crown moulding. Ryan and I have been going back and forth about builtins and he just couldn't visualize. I just turned my computer to him, and he said, "Oh... that's what you wanted."

  11. Holy cow. Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

  12. This looks so so great. I love your new built-ins and am so jealous! You guys did an amazing job with this.


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