Monday, December 12, 2011

It's electric!

Boogie oogie oogie.  Behold my fabulous rough electrical, for can lights, main lights, and many many outlets. 
The wires were looking pretty crazy before they all got corralled into the receptacles.  Our previous wiring was all running through conduit, it was a pain to get rid of all that old pipe.  Our electrician was amazing!
I had mentioned before that our doors and windows stuck out too far from the studs, so our drywall guy recommended we fur out the studs with 1/4 inch plywood strips on the two main walls.  A nice Home Depot guy ripped a full sheet down into 1 1/2 inch strips for us, what a guy!
This week is plumbing and HVAC!
Hopefully these walls get closed up next week.   


  1. wow! it looks so naked! and now i am singing the electric slide in my head and i may just have to get up and do i here in a minute.

  2. ha, i have to agree with meryl rose - that does look exciting!! and i'm impressed that your home depot guy cut down all that plywood for you.

  3. Curses to you for getting that song stuck in my head!
    I'm loving watching your kitchen come together (or be torn apart...either one)

  4. That song is going to be stuck in my head all day, haha!!

  5. BOO.YAH. Isn't it amazing how clean and fresh a studded out room can look? I mean, compared to a completely torn apart/debris filled room. Right?? I'm also totally in love with your faucet. Girl, you've got excellent taste. I'm dying to see the whole kitchen come together!!

  6. What a huge undertaking--but better before the baby than after, I suppose. Best wishes!

  7. WOWZA...that's a whole lot of electricity up in there! I want the finished product already! LOL

  8. You are a BRAVE WOMAN! This is going to be great!


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