Friday, December 23, 2011


This was the kitchen last night: 
 Today, the kitchen looks like this:
We still don't have electrical turned on in the kitchen, so it's quite dark in there with our constant overcast days. 
This is the beauty of hiring people to do the work for you.  We did put all the plywood strips on the studs ourselves, but our wonderful drywall guy is rocking out this job.  He just has the window alcove to do, then he starts the mudding next Monday.  Here is our new ductwork for the range hood:
And here is the new and improved toe-kick heat vent that was cut down from a wall vent:
They also put another floor heat vent in the window alcove.  It will be so warm in there with all the insulation and ACTUAL heat!   So far, our contractor cost is:

Electrician and rough supplies: $2400
HVAC work:  $325
Drywall and insulation, installation:  $1150

And we've only been without a kitchen for three weeks, so it's worth every penny to be at this stage already.  I will go into more detail about what was covered in the costs in future posts, we completely lucked out with our fabulous contractors!  Hopefully next week our floor guy will be able to start ripping out the old flooring.  YAY! 


  1. Sara ... have a great Christmas ... I hope you are not in charge of the turkey :-)

  2. Yay! Wondering how you're feeling? Have a great Christmas!

  3. Whoot! Yay for progress!

  4. That's great progress! Before you know it - it will be done!

  5. I'm always amazed by how wonderful professionals do drywall. And fast! It's looking great.


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