Friday, March 12, 2010

The 'Fluorescents'

It sounds like a disease, doesn't it?  We have an unfortunate fluorescent light box in the former orange room.  I have helpfully pointed it out in this here picture:
It is quite ugly and makes me so sad every time I look out the window.  We cannot have this, because outside of this particular window is this:
Ahhhh.  At least, it will be when summer returns.  I want to glance out that window and see nothing but extra pavers stacked up along with beer cans beauty, and not be blinded by gross lighting with a super-fancy textured plexi covering.
OHNOTHEYDIDN'T.  Yes, yes they did.  And YES, I painted this dropped ceiling area orange when we moved in.  Give me a pass on this one, my heart was hurting from all the wallpaper drama and I was in a STATE.  I was not thinking clearly at all.  Under the super-chic plastic is this:
Somewhere along the line, someone added a regular single bulb fixture in addition to the flourescent ones.  And the bulb is a 15w.  Whoa, talk about crazy amounts of light!  This bulb almost gives off enough light to sleep by.  So, I'm brainstorming to figure out how to get what I want in the area without major demo.  What I want is a lovely light and bright pendant to contrast with the dark paint.  My contenders so far:
Crystal ball pendant
Fancy crystal pendant:
 White patterned 'Chloe' pendant
Crystal teardrop pendant - ooooooooo!
All of these are around $100, so totally doable.  Oh, and I also need to pick out a light fixture for the big hole in the ceiling.  But first, I need to make sure the light switch will actually turn on a ceiling light...right now it turns on any lamp plugged into an outlet.  So helpful.  
Have a great weekend everyone, and if you have any ideas about the fixing of the 'fluorescents', let me know!


  1. I love, love the crystal ball pendant! We recently hung the chandelier of the same "family" in our dining room, and when we renovate the kitchen later this summer, we're going to use this very same pendant light! Love it! Here's the link to our chandelier:

  2. I really like the 'Chloe' pendant its pretty, and I think would be even prettier when the light is on!

    Your have so many great options to choose from!

  3. No ideas, but when you figure it out let me know. Our entire house is fluorescent fixtures...

    I vote Chloe!!

  4. don't put in something that hangs too don't want to block your view of the beer cans!

    those choices are all pretty though, if hanging height weren't a question I'd go with the teardrop option!!!!

  5. Ugh, fluorescent lighting is the WORST. Although I'm usually drawn to shiny, sparkly things, I think I like the Crystal Ball or the Chloe pendant!

  6. I must be turning into a bit of a Fancy Pants because I am totally digging the Chloe. I just love your patio!! Every inch of your house is just to die for! Your neighbors must all be jealous.

  7. We had a heinous florescent fixture in our kitchen when we first moved in and I cannot tell you how happy I was when it was "accidentally" broken after painting the ceilings and we had to replace it. I LOVE every single one of those pendants (totally helpful, right?)

    And your patio is to die for. What a great place to enjoy the weather!

  8. I like Chloe. Oh, and I hate flourescent lights.


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