Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another closet makeover

At this point, I should probably rename my blog 'Russet Street Clothes Storage,' but it's a project I did, so you're gonna read about it.  My dressing room is just a big closet, but it has a small 'actual' closet where I store my shoes and extra clothes.  You know, the clothes that don't fit in the regular 9x12 space....sheesh!  Here it was empty:
When the closet was all emptied out for the floor refinish, there was no way I could just put everything back in there without painting it.  This closet had the same spackling mess that the master closet had, so I had lots of sanding to do.  There was also a pretty big hole that I filled with the old 'rolled up newspaper and spackle' trick:
After a coat of my leftover BM Coventry Gray paint, viola!  No more hole. 
The melamine of the closet organizer had yellowed considerably, so I rolled some Rustoleum white oil-based paint on all the edges with a foam roller.
Check out the difference the paint made in this 'action' shot!  Holy yellow.
And then everything was painted, the newly stained dowels were in, and I was very happy. 
And here is the closet all crapped up with my stuff:
I added some 98 cent hooks from Home Depot to the sides to hold purses....  
...scarves, or (what will ultimately happen) shirts that need to be ironed.
The yellow box (that matches my rug!) was a fortuitous find at TJ Maxx one day.  I found the hot pink tote at Target and it looked so great with that contrasting trim.  They are currently holding tights and trouser socks. 
And of course the wicker storage unit that you already met yesterday...
Here is a before and after:
It doesn't look that different with everything in there, but I love the changes.  

TJ Maxx box: $5.99
Target Tote: $7.49
HD Hooks: $6
Wicker makeover: $10
Total: $29.50

Only 5 more closets to go....(please shoot me) 


  1. Love it! I think it's safe to say you have a knack for closets. Wanna come do mine??

  2. Can I go shopping in your closet please? I will take the Coach purse and the lepard print heels. Thanks.

  3. i am jealous that you have so many closets (including a closet room!) we have 5 total - and 2 of them aren't even deep enough to hang clothes in. gotta love old houses.

    great job on the closet makeover!

  4. Not only does the dressing ROOM itself make me swoon but I'd kill for that organized of a closet. My closet is organized but it doesn't LOOK organized.

    Well done girl!

    P.S. The bathroom tile, LOVVVEEE!

  5. Please come here quickly! These skills are desperately needed in my house!!!

  6. I love the newspaper-spackle trick! It reminds me of stuffing toothpicks to repair a stripped screw hole.

    And the closet looks great!

  7. "Closets" are on my list for 2 days off I have coming up. So keep the inspiration coming! I have lots of work to do....

  8. It looks wonderful! I love your attention to detail (and your awesome wardrobe!).

  9. I want to shop in your closet, too!
    Where are your go-to stores when you shop for clothes?

  10. What a beautiful sub-closet! I love your colour coding.

    I'm envious .. that is all the closet I need ... I couldn't fill the rest of the room. I definitely need to shop this weekend!!!

  11. a) The closet looks great
    b) I love the grey and yellow skirt in your closet... I was eyeing it in your post yesterday as well haha
    b) I could shop in your closet with the amount of clothes and shoes you have... I am officially jealous (in a good way! haha)

  12. I love pretty and organized closets so PLEASE don't stop! And add me to the list of yet another person who wants to shop your closet and is totally jealous you have 5 more to go! We have four closets in our 4 bedroom house (one being a linen closet so one bedroom doesn't have a closet and two of the bedroom closets are tiny) which happens to be the same number of closets we had when renting a two bedroom apartment. And there we had two walk-ins. Yes, you know I have closet envy BIG time when I longingly think back to apartment living, ha!

  13. oh my word. amazing.
    i have never heard of this crafty newspaper/spackle trick for bigger holes, but i'll have to give it a try!
    and i totally understand this painting closet business. when we moved in our closets were a hot mess. they were all painted this despairing off-white/cream/yellow/ass color, and they all had cracks, so i had to spackle, sand, and repaint them white. well worth the effort! yours turned out fantastic.

  14. It looks so fresh and new! Nice idea getting the cheap hooks from Home Depot for your purses. All my purses are stuffed in a box under my bed. :(

    P.S. I kinda want to go shopping in your closet!

  15. Thanks, everyone!

    Kate: Get yourself some hooks, some cute baskets/bins and a nice wall color. That is all you need!

    Danielle: those leopard heels are Victoria's Secret and are quite impossible to walk in. You are welcome to them if you are a 7.5! They fit a bit small but remind me of super cute Barbie shoes!

    Kelly: We love the bathroom tile, too. One of the only good choices previous owners made! ha

    Ethan: I could've used a reminder about the toothpick trick while installing my hooks...doh

    Sarah(#2!): The majority of the clothes shown here are from these stores: The Limited, Old Navy, Gap, and TJ Maxx. The Limited is my go-to place for staples like pants, skirts, work clothes. Of course, I sometimes buy Limited items at TJ Maxx because they get the overstock items there for so much less! Old Navy is where I got all my flowy skirts, trendy flowery tops and cute items that I may not wear many times, because they are cheaper. I get jeans and sweaters from the Gap during their good sales. I also love the button up shirts from Express.

    Kerry: That skirt is from Old Navy!

    Karrie: I know what you mean about missing modern walk-ins. We don't have any except our 'walk through' master.

    Sarah #3: I'm going to have to start calling the fleshy colors I hate in this house 'ass'. Thanks for the tip! ha

    Amanda, and everyone else: I'm always getting rid of stuff, so you just take a trip to WI and I'll send you home with some goodies!

  16. Love it, Sara! I'm always amazed at all the painting projects you tackle. I would never know what type of paint to use on that material in your closet! :) It looks great!

  17. I really love the stained rods in contrast to all of the white

  18. Love the closet! I don't think you can ever have too many closets in one house. We have 10 in our house, but none of them are as organized and pretty as yours! I'm jealous!

  19. Wow, what a huge difference! A Master Bedroom closet makover is in our near future as well, so this is a great source of inspiration! Looks fab!

  20. I love seeing all you closet makeovers, this only really gives me hope! It's a small yet stylish and organized closet! Every bedroom in our house has super tiny closets, I like how you organize and use the space - keep'em coming

  21. Your closet makeovers are inspiring me to add ours to the summer to do list! It looks great! The stained rods make a huge difference. And we have the same gray/yellow scarf!

  22. Ha, how about "Russet Storage Reno?" Hey, I love a good closet so bring them on!!

    PS I'm AMAZED at your clothes collection... can we say endless?!

  23. I'm so envious of your closet space!

    I'm also glad that you showed one of your smaller ones, bc the closets in our current place are TINY. I've never had to work with such itsy bitsy storage areas, and you gave me some good ideas.


  24. So organized and clean! Want to come do mine next? haha

  25. I cannot believe how many clothes you have! I thought I had a lot... lol. I LOVE those leopard heels!!

  26. I need to try this hole patching technique with our bathroom. We took off the towel rod and it looks like the previous owner only put the thing up to hide some massive holes. The closet looks great!

  27. Another awesome closet make-over. It looks great!

  28. Now that we've all seen your hole....

    Amazing how different your closet looks! From a fixer-upper's point of view, I can really appreciate all the little things (painting dowels, shelving, etc--it adds up!!) and how much time/effort goes into a space, whether it's a small closet or a huge room.

    You do fab work, my friend.


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