Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A hairy review

We usually have enough hair on our couches to make another cat. So I clipped a coupon for the new Scotch Fur Fighter and took it home to try it out.
It's a textured paper that sticks to a large plastic handle.   
This is what it looked like after one pass of the top of the cushions, where the cats love to sprawl out.  Yum.
And after the couch was done:
After both the couch and chair were done, I guess it just couldn't look any worse than it already did.
Yowsa!  The tool works really well, but I can't justify using it daily...I think it's a waste to throw out the sheets after every use and buy replacement sheets all the time.  My good old Magic Brush does a fine enough job when combined with the vacuum.

I may buy replacement sheets when they are on sale and I have a coupon, for all those "people are going to be here in an hour!" situations.  Have any of you tried the Fur Fighter yet?   Any new devotees?


  1. When we had a fabric sofa I used to use sticky tape. Actually, I still do when I show up to work with cat fur on my skirt.

    Would it work with a really fine sandpaper product?

  2. I feel the same way - I wouldn't use it because I wouldn't want to keep throwing it away. I use the sticky roll (so inexpensive) and the vacuum. It's an inexact science, but that's okay. The dogs are worth it. =)

  3. I use the Pledge fabric sweeper on mine. Works pretty well, I like it a lot. The thing uses the same types of brush as the magic brush. It's designed to only be used once, but I googled how to remove the fur so I could keep reusing it. Works pretty quickly too!

  4. I'm glad you reviewed this Fur Fighter! I have not yet tried it, I usually just end up vacuuming the couch and then rolling it with a lint roller if necessary. I agree, replacing those sheets all the time could get expensive.

    I might try to be proactive about the cat hair situation and get the Furminator brush -- I've heard good things about it.

    I also just got a bed for our cat, which she actually uses sometimes, which is good news for our couch!

  5. I used that thing when I was helping my friend clean and move the other day. It holds a lot, but not enough to justify throwing that many things away and buying new ones.

    So I have a really, really dumb question about your other red brush. I have the same brush, but I don't really know the best way to clean the hair out of it. Any tips?

  6. ooh ooh ooh! Mr Kot-terrrr!!! even better - rubber gloves - plain old washing up rubber gloves. put em on, and run your hands over the couch - the fur will just ball up into a clump to be picked up! genius :)

    and for hiphousegirl....the magic brush works by brushing in one direction...run your hand in the opposite direction across the brush and the hair will come off :)

    love the blog by the way xo

  7. We have the fur fighter and Pledge's product and we dont really use either anymore. We keep a blanket on the couch for the dog to lay on, and all 3 of our animals are in love with that thing. So if an animal is on the couch, they're usually on the pink blanket. Or on a lap.

  8. Haven't tried that one - we picked up the pledge one and I found it didn't work that well... we were pretty disappointed in it. We had bought 2 on sale the other month and haven't even opened the second one...

  9. My leather couch doesn't really attract pet hair. :)

    Unfortunately it attracts dust, but that's another issue.

  10. We ended up having to kick the dogs off the couch because they were ruining it so quickly. I saw this on TV and thought, geeze, that could get expensive. I tried the pledge one and it was not so good. So our way of battling the fur is blankets. Ugh...

  11. I haven't heard of the Fur Fighter. I will use a regular lint roller (the kind with the sticky paper that you pull off) when I'm in those "people will be here soon!" situations. Otherwise I just vacuum the fur up or use a damp wash cloth. I love my cats but I do wish they shed less!

  12. Amanda 1 - I have the Furminator and it works well, but it's so gross to use it. Even outside, those clumps of hair just fly all over the place and it seems never-ending! I think I could sit there and brush them with it for hours and I'd still get the same amount of hair out with every stroke!

    Amanda 2 - I usually get my thumb a little damp and push the hair off the magic brush in the opposite direction. They really don't make these as well as they used to, though. And I hate the sticky rollers, they just don't work well enough on my cat's hair.

    Asha - I will have to try the rubber gloves trick, I've tried those rubber 'blocks' in the past without success, but maybe the gloves will be better!

  13. Lint brush is still my favorite way to go when dealing with dog hair. Never wears out, never breaks- I love it!

  14. Back when we allowed Hiro on the sofa (now the Hairy Bastard's banned), I'd just keep a roll of masking tape nearby. Would turn on some music (I'm talking GOOD music, like Jonas Brothers), loop tape around my hand, and go at the sofa w/ one hand (the other held my booze).

    P.S. Just kidding about the Jonas Bros. I'm more of a Justin Bieber fan these days.....

  15. I agree with asha! A rubber glove is the only thing that works on my microfiber covered chair that my cat has claimed for hers~

  16. We usually use the rolly sticky Bounce lint brushes -- it kind of seems like the same thing as this, though?



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