Friday, May 21, 2010

That was fast

It seems like my lilac just started blooming, and now it's already turning brown.  It was a gift from our neighbor Margo last summer, who drove to a specialty nursery in the next city just to buy it for us, free of charge.  I know!  A perfect, sweet, wonderful neighbor...or, the total opposite of Boozy Susie.
I finally made it out there yesterday to cut off some blooms for inside the house.  Talk about late in the game!  For some reason, I thought they bloomed longer.  I remember walking around in the summer stealing people's lilac blooms when I was younger...or, two years ago, whatever.  Guess I was either high on life, or it was still springtime. 
I stripped off the leaves and some of the buds, then plopped them in a little coffee glass in the kitchen to mask the odor of the nearby cat litter box add a little scent and prettiness.
They smelled strong and wonderful, and looked like Sideshow Bob.
Separated at birth! 
I had some little clumps left over from the 'arrangement', so I plopped them in a hurricane with some water in the potty.  NOT WATER FROM THE POTTY.  That room definitely needs all the good fragrance it can get. 
And that is how I squeezed a little home decor from my almost-brown lilac blooms. 
Hopefully I'll remember to start cutting them off earlier next spring! 


  1. Hehe. Love the Simpsons reference.

  2. Lilacs are one of my favorites!

    And I never even thought about the Sideshow Bob similarities, haha.

  3. Aw, those are gorgeous!

    Do your neighbors really appreciate you guys moving in because of "Boozy Suzie" who lived there before? We get that all the time from our neighbors. Charlie (and other renters) weren't very nice to them, so they tell us all the time "We're so glad to have you guys as neighbors!" I just wondered if you guys experienced the same thing. :)


  4. Very pretty! I'm very sad that I've never seen one in person much less smelled one. I'm always a little surprised at how short lived a lot of blooms are.

  5. They live such short, fragrant lives. Got to pick them when you can.

    Mine are all done too.

  6. I love those lilacs. I love all lilacs.

  7. I'm jealous of your lilacs, even if they are turning brown fast!

  8. That color looks amazing in your home...great accent. And LOL at your Simpson's reference!

  9. The blooms look gorgeous! I love the color (and I can just imagine the scent). You're too funny with the Simpsons reference too.

  10. Gorgeous!!! I hate when I miss my plants bloom (or I kill them, but we won't talk about that).


  11. lol So funny! I just bought a lilac plant and had hubby plant it for me!! They smell soooo good!

  12. Those are beautiful!

    My lilac only bloomed for about a week. But someone told me that this year was unusual and they normally bloom much longer.

  13. my lilac is sadly gone already. booooo! love the photos!

  14. How have I not noticed how lovely your bathroom is? That wall color is EXACTLY what I've been searching for, for the library!

  15. We must be destined to be friends...or at least destined to booze it up together, b/c my fern is totally channeling the spirit of Side Show Bob!

    So jealous of your beautiful blooms. Mr. FC's allergic to lilacs. I'm thinking of drugging him w/ anti-histamines or making him get his own apt during lilac season. So I can have pretty flowers.

    Also, did I miss your bathroom post? It's niiiiiice!


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