Thursday, June 3, 2010

Backyard golf

A couple weeks ago, Shaun asked me to come outside and watch his golf swing.  As if I could tell him whether it was good or not.  I did him one better and took some photos.
He was looking pretty cute, but then I got distracted by our awesome grass.  Having Spring-Green come take care of our lawn every summer is the best $120 we spend every year.  It's completely worth it for 6 visits stretching from early spring to fall. 
This is what our grass looked like last September:
These guys are geniuses!  I'm all for DIY, but I know when to hire an expert.  Not only would I probably not have gotten these results, but I don't think we would save very much money doing it ourselves, have you seen how much fertilizer and weed preventers cost?  Not to mention all the equipment to evenly spread it.  The cats totally approve of the nice thick grass, we let them out sometimes to eat it explore.
Lucius also loves to chase after Shaun's practice golf balls, helpfully pointing them out where they land.
We all had a great time playing in the grass.         


  1. Oh wow, that lawn service does work! We've thought about it for ours - maybe next year. Right now we're attempting to DIY to get rid of all our horrible weeds (they're pretty darn bad in the backyard!), but we'll see if we're any good at that or not! :) Yours looks so luscious - love it! (and it looks like your cats do, too!)

  2. Your grass looks so lush. We did sod on the front and seed in the backyard last summer - were hopping the backayrd gerts super green like our front is

  3. Oh amazing. I need some of their tips. Our backyard is a mess due to a very active dog that likes to hunt for squirrels.

    There are holes all over the place!

  4. Wow! That grass looks so plush! Like a green shag carpet!! beautiful

  5. Your grass is lovely! You definitely made the right decision bringing in the pros. There's something about being able to walk barefoot in nice, lush, cool grass.

  6. I agree! We just started a lawn service recently and we've been VERY happy with the results already. So worth it!

    And your cats - are they outdoor cats or do you just let them out in the backyard? Do they ever try climbing up the fences? We have two indoor cats and sometimes I think about letting them out in the backyard but I'm afraid they would get out somehow..?

  7. That's funny- when I saw the first picture I thought "Golf... zzz... MY, their lawn looks nice!" For real. Right now mine is about 60% dandelions so I gotta figure something out.

  8. Looks fantastic! So green! So worth it!


  9. So your black kitty and my cat are twins. Seriously.

  10. I am very jealous of your lawn! Ours is so full of weeds + we aren't allowed (by law) to use any weed killer = me very sad.

  11. I LOVE GRASS! Interpret that as you wish....

    If Mr. FC wasn't all into hugging trees & being at one w/ our backyard & insists on tackling it himself, I'd totally hire a lawn service. So I compromise by not offering to help w/ lawn duties.

  12. Oh, your grass is so beautiful. Ours is full of clover and dandelions and looks just awful.

    I always think I should be able to figure it out myself, but perhaps it is time to bring in the big guns. Plus $120 for a year doesn't seem bad at all.


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