Friday, February 4, 2011

Coat closet part 2

So, this baby was looking ok once it was cleared out.  From a distance. 
Then you look a little closer at the paint job...
Woo hoo!!!  A barrel of monkeys must've helped Boozie with this project!
Oh hell no!  They put latex paint over oil-base paint without using primer all throughout this house.  It scrapes off like confetti.  All over my hair.
Okay, the filthy floor was all me.  At least I made a little money while cleaning it, though.
I used these little 1x1 scraps to help out with the 'low shelf' problem I hated above the hanging bar.  We had them laying around, so they were free!
Wala!  I also cut a long one to fit under the back of the shelf.  Then, I had to address the missing shelf for the top supports.  The only scraps I had were not deep enough, so I improvised by combining a leftover shelf from our built-in project and a 2.5 wide pine scrap to make an 11.5 inch deep shelf. 
They fit pretty nice when I got at em with our trusty miter saw and sandpaper.  No one will ever know it's two pieces!  Except all you fine people.  And anyone that sneaks into the closet for '7 minutes in heaven.'   
And here is the planned setup, before priming and painting.  And apparently, before I decided to miter the front edge of the side supports!  Silly me.
I think it will be grand.  Now I just have to prime and paint every lick of trim, wall, ceiling, shelf and window in this tiny space.  And attach all the new pieces with the nail gun.  Then caulk all the seams and re-paint them.  And find hooks and accessories.  Argh!  Stupid closet.


  1. Looks great! I cannot wait to see what the finished closet will look like!! Angie xo

  2. Cannot wait to see how this turns out Sara. It already looks loads better & more functional!

  3. Very resourceful!!

    I hated painting our tiny bathroom, I can't imagine painting that closet... but the results are always worth it!

  4. The oil based paint color is the same color that's underneath all of my latex paint....on top of oil. Without a primer. I HATE THE COLOR! I have chips everywhere. And truth be told, I hack away at it when I'm stressed. You ought to see the back of our bedroom door.

  5. I understand your pain. All of our closets are or were a mess at some point. I bet it will be fabulous. In the baby's room, I covered the existing shelves with contact paper and I'm pretty happy with it.

  6. I'm excited to see what the closet looks like when its done. I find it really hard to organize a small space so I am dying to see what you do.

  7. Makes you want to just shut the door. I know I tend to neglect my closets. How lovely and organized it will be though.

  8. I'm with Pine Tree Home, I tend to just shut the door and pretend it isn't a huge mess... Probably not the greatest plan...

    Can't wait to see it when it's done being de-Boozie-Suzied! (Or whatever the term for that is).

  9. Think of the possibilities! I vote for hot pink.

  10. Your closet is going to look great and be SO much more functional! Can't wait to see the final result

  11. I love that window in your coat closet! The extra shelf is a perfect addition for more storage

  12. Can't wait to see what you do with it. It will be fab. I hate painting closets, but it's always great when it is done.

  13. A little creativity and hard work will make this little space so functional. Great work so far.

    Take care,

  14. LOL at your 7 mins line! But really, could you even handle being in a closet with a sweaty-palmed teenage boy for 7 whole, long minutes??? your closet will surely be worthy of a makeout game though...I painted my tiny closet pink...because i wanted to. Hopefully that will keep my son out of it in a few years!!!


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