Saturday, April 7, 2012

Freeze watch

Thanks to the local weatherman, who shouted 'Freeze Warning!  Mayday! Mayday! Your flowery leafy plants are goners!' on Wednesday, I took the time to run to the garden center to pick up some supplies to save my delicate (and brand new last fall) Japanese Maple, and my already-leafed-out hydrangeas that I adore. 
Yeah, this stuff was on clearance so I thought, what the heck?  It's supposed to add a few degrees of protection to your ornamental and fruit and veggie plants. 
I then waddled and grunted through my yard wrapping up my plants like mummies using the garden cover and binder clips. 
I got kinda lazy with my Endless Summer hydrangeas, since they are several years old and seem to be real tanks, anyway. 
After covering, I sprayed the rest of my stuff with the Freeze Pruf just for funsies.  Then, I find out that because we are near the lake it didn't even go below 32 degrees.  BUT WAIT!  THURSDAY NIGHT IT WILL BE EVEN COLDER!  So, I removed everything during the day on Thursday and recovered it all again Thursday night.  Guess what....
It didn't get colder.  It stayed the same.  And I did all that work for nothing.  So now, I have $20 of stuff that I didn't need and I officially don't care what happens.  BAH!


  1. Uhg. This weather is the wackiest. I am so tempted to plant all my annuals but I fear the April freeze. Happy Easter to you.

  2. No! Your hard work actually changed the weather in your entire area. I know this because this winter I was finally proactive and bought salt, a new snow shovel, and a bunch of winterizing gear for my car and then it didn't snow at all.

    Embrace your new power!

  3. I guess on the bright side you had your game face on and were ready to tackle the 'possible' cold weather and save your plants from a slow freezing death?

    Weather mans are always wrong, always. One day on my way to work they said the chance of early morning showers in our area was about 90%. Ya... not a cloud in the sky and sunny... never did rain later on either O_o

  4. Ha! My hydrangea bit the dust that night. I'm hoping maybe it will come back?

  5. Oh no! It might come back, give it until it's been warm for awhile before you take it out or do anything permanent!

  6. Haha -- That stinks! But that was very nurturing and motherly of you to take care of your plants like that! :)

  7. I hope you'll forgive me if I'm just chortling my ass off right about now. Weather. I've been watching the South Florida sky threaten a Tsunami all day, and now the sun is out.

    You are a gorgeous pregnant woman, by the way.


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