Friday, December 18, 2009

Less hard, still stinky

I know that you all don't really care can't wait to hear my update on the most expensive mattress known to man.  Well, after almost two weeks of....
1.  Sleeping on it
2.  Pointing a space heater directly at it
3.  Putting all kinds of heated blankets on it
4.  Encouraging my overweight cats to jump onto and off of it all day....

I can happily say that it's starting to soften up and be very comfy.  Like, don't-wake-up-all-stiff-and-crochety comfy.  Almost excited-to-go-to-bed comfy.  Definitely don't-want-to-get-out-of-bed comfy.  Well, I've never wanted to get out of bed, so I guess that one doesn't matter.  Also, it still smells like it's dipped in hot rubber.  What I really need is a bunch of hooligans from the neighborhood to come over and jump around on it for a day to squeeze all the tempur-farts out of it.  I can see the craigslist ad now.... 

"Local couple seeking kids to jump on bed. 
Will supply caffeinated drinks and candy. 
Results may be sent to America's Funniest Home Videos. 
Call Sara." 

Bottom line is that it's getting better.  Hopefully come springtime, our Tempur will be the heavenly cloud of rainbows and butterflies that we laid on in the store.  Until then, as long as I'm under my electric blanket, everything is delightful. 


  1. When I saw the title of this post on my sidebar, I knew it must be about your new bed. Tempur-farts... You are too funny! Glad to hear it's getting better (minus the odor).

  2. 'Tempur-farts' is hilarious. I now envision that you sleep on a bubbling latex bog every night. Good luck with the off-gassing.

  3. A lot of things ran through my mind when I saw your post title... and not one of them was mattresses :)

    Did they mention anything about it smelling bad when you bought it?? Glad it's getting more comfy at least!

  4. I never thought they would smell bad but I guess it makes sense. Well I hope it smells delightful soon and I have no suggestions on how to make it smell better.

  5. I actually am excited to hear mattress updates! Rob had back problems, so I'm often thought of a Tempur mattress. For now, we just use a regular pillow top mattress with a 3" memory foam topper. The memory foam is amazing. If your mattress doesn't soften up enough, you might want to consider one?

  6. your ad cracks me up.

    i had a friend who bought one of those and said that it took some getting used to. after he broke it in though, he swore it was the best mattress EVA.

    hey, if anyone else out there happens to be mattress shopping i posted a 20% off coupon on my blog the other day...


  7. I'm surprised you have to heat it- I thought they didn't breathe very well and were therefore kinda hot. Too bad it's winter, or I might suggest leaving it uncovered in a room with open windows and fans for a few days. Slumber party on the couch!


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