Monday, December 28, 2009

Photography is hard

I need all the practice I can get.  Since pets are an easy target, and Shaun's parents have three furry friends to snap, I couldn't resist doing a little photo shoot.  Miss Bailey was hamming it up all day, which is why I have at least 20 pictures of her cute little mug:

The above shot was quite dark, (it was one of my first with the camera) so it is a bit grainy from adding fill light.  But I love the way she looks here, so I'm using it anyway.

Getting better....

Hoodie-hoo!  Black and white?  When do I get my own 'coffee table' book deal? 

Here is Abby looking at me incredulously for snapping the 5th picture in a row without her moving a centimeter, thanks to the 'continuous shooting' function.  I couldn't get any of her pics to come out just right using the editing software.  Poo.

Daisy is very pretty, but don't try to pet her or you may lose a limb. She's just like Naomi Campbell. Except she can't throw cell phones. And she's shorter. And she's covered in fur, whereas I'm quite certain Naomi has a team of people that wax her 11 ft body on a regular basis.  Anycrazysupermodel.... 

This is my favorite Lucius, the adorable cat-nugget.  Enhance!   

Holy dark circles, batman!  And just because, here are my favorite non-animal shots:

Shaun's mom and sister

Brother and sister

Picking a winner. 


  1. I think your pictures turned out great! Oh and we have a dog named Bailey too. I'm sure that book deal will be coming any day now...

  2. Love the photos! Black & white always make a picture look so much cooler. I'm obsessed with taking photos of our cat, too!

  3. Looking like a pro! I love those black and white pics

  4. That's a handsome family you've got there, folks and critters.

  5. Love the photos! Pets are easy targets and I always think the photo turns out better just because they are so darn cute! Those are GREAT shots of your family too!

  6. So, you totally got the camera that I have been wanting for awhile! You'll have to tell me what you think of it once you adapt to it. I got a Nikon Coolpix camera this christmas...and I do love it. It has a lot more settings and features that I ever thought it would and it will be nice to have a small camera to go with my canon rebel that i hope to get someday soon :) Enjoy!

  7. Your answer was right on :) And I love your photos, they are amazing, when I get my coffee book deal, I'll hire you to take the photos (dream on right :)
    Happy New Year!

  8. Love the second puppy pic! Good lighting, and she's definitely giving you The Look.

  9. Great pics - I'm sure you are loving that new camera!!


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