Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cucumber trellis

I clearly have never planted vegetables before, because I didn't realize that cucumbers were vines.  Or, I knew somewhere deep in my brain, but it didn't come to the front of my grey matter until I noticed the little sticky 'arms' were grabbing onto themselves looking for a place to go.  Feel free to snicker at me.  When I finally figured this out, I went in search of a trellis that would fit into my Rubbermaid container.  I came home with this.
Feel free to laugh again.  I have no idea why I thought this gigantic teepee would work??  I put it back into the car in disgust and decided to DIY a trellis instead.  We were lucky enough to have lots of scrap lumber laying around from the recent porch project, so I snagged four pieces of tall skinny wood and drilled five sets of holes at the same heights all the way up. 
I stuck them into the four corners of the container, holes facing eachother.
I connected the dots with some green twine I had laying around.  
Once I got them all done, it was looking a little....saggy.
So I added some tall bamboo stakes I had in the garage for added structure on the bottom, wrapping the twine around them on either side. 
Then I had fun 'decorating' the new trellis with the cucmber vines, using my favorite garden tool - the spool of twisty ties.  You pull out what you need, and press the little metal cutter.  No more 'too short' pieces!
It was all looking a lot better when I was done, and I have dozens on teeny tiny cucumbers all over this guy!  I'm interested to see how it all works out when they get big and heavy...I may add more twine criss-crossing the wood, depending on how things go. 
I'm not sure Max liked me taking all those juicy leaves out of his reach, but he can just go eat cat food.  Seriously, this cat loves his greens.   What a weirdo.


  1. *Giggle-snort*

    Been there with the learning curve and the vegetarian cat.

  2. Your garden looks great and I am envious, I live in an apartment...

    You may want to get 4 more of your extra wood peices and secure them between your uprights at least halfway. It will create more of a frame and won't collapse as easily when the vines get heavier.

    Keep posting about your garden, it's cool!

  3. I remember the first time my parents did a garden. They didn't realize how big pumpkin, cucumber, and watermelon plants got. Lets just say, they over took the yard!

  4. It looks great! I just used some chicken wire for my cucumbers and they are going crazy! I've already made 4 batches of pickles.

  5. That looks like our trellis for our beans and peas - rebar we had laying around and string. Hey man, gotta do what you gotta do :)

  6. I have that same spool of twist ties. It was the best $1 I've ever spent at the Christmas Tree Shop. I use it for hanging bunting on the porch, tying back plants, etc.

  7. I'm feeling sorta like a 2nd grader lately... because every veggie has been a surprise to me (especially the cucumber vine!). I've learned so much by starting a garden!

  8. Did you put in catnip? Although, it looks like he prefers the cucumbers.

    The trellis looks great.

  9. We have a container garden too - peppers and tomatoes only this year. My dogs keep pulling the green tomatoes off the vine and using them as tennis balls though, so I'm pretty sure I'll be buying tomatoes all summer ;) Your garden looks great!!

  10. lol, I had no clue either about cucumbers!! Thanks for helping me out - hopfully next year we'll garden?

  11. brilliant!! and yes, my cat will eat live plants/foliage of any kind. ugh, even fake plants.

  12. So creative! I love this idea... and your rooftop garden is AWESOME! :)

  13. Max does look a bit put out, yes?
    Looks great but I have to say, I am fascinated by what you could have accomplished with that elaborate wooden contraption from the first photo....

  14. If the cucumbers get heavy, it's okay to let them ramble down onto the ground. That will take the stress off the vines.

    Looking forward to seeing next year's garden. I had a lot of luck with peppers in a pot.


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